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Ethical Brand DIRECTORY

The Place to Find Independent Ethical Fashion, ECO-FRIENDLY Beauty Brands AND SUSTAINABLE FASHION SERVICES.

Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) is the home to a curated range of independent ethical fashion, beauty brands, and sustainable fashion services.   It’s the place to find information resources that helps connect, educate, and inspire people (and businesses) to become more active citizens that are respectful to people and the planet.

At Ethical Brand Directory we are proud to provide ethical fashion, eco-friendly beauty brands, and sustainable fashion services with a space to showcase their story, their values,  products, and services.  

We are an ethical and understanding platform that is inclusive of vegan and non-vegan brands.  We do not discriminate and we welcome diversity and value different perspectives, as we know that a truly inclusive world is one that respects different opinions and ways of life.  All of our brands must get a rating of 50% or more based on our unique scoring system in order to be considered for our directory. 



We carefully review all new brand applications and score them on a wide range of criteria that factor in: 

  • a strong commitment to ethical practices 
  • welfare of workers across the supply chain 
  • clear communication across their website 
  • measurable sustainability efforts 
  • size of the business 
  • accountability
  • reporting against the SDGs
  • overall honesty about areas that could be improved upon. 
Check out our ETHICS page to see how we define ‘ethical’ and what we expect from our brands.  
You will be taken to the EBD Values page



The Ethical Brand Directory has grown and evolved since we started back in 2017, we expanded our services, ran events, hosted global going green summits, ran pop-ups and so much more – but now, we’ve gone right back to where we started.  

We’ve simplified and gone back to being a trusted information resource that helps connects conscious consumers to the brands that care through our directory.  We will continue to write and share information that helps educate, and inspires people to become active citizens that are respectful to people and the planet through their everyday actions. 

We connect style-conscious consumers to beautiful ethical fashioneco-friendly beauty brands and sustainable fashion services helping to make the world a better place.   
We provide a simple Ethical Brand Directory to help make it easier for you to discover small independent brands aligned with your values. 

Our family of brands are checked against key criteria that we believe are important  –  it gives us a score that we can use to help them improve their business practices.  

We also understand the challenges small business owners face, so we’ve lowered our membership fees and created more self-service affordable options for struggling brands during the cost-of-living crisis. 

At Ethical Brand Directory we believe that we can live life fully,  conduct business ethically and sustainably,  and minimise our environmental impact without giving up on life’s luxuries.  

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