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Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) is a service-based business model, that is run as a not-for-profit division of Roberta Style Lee.  Unlike most businesses our founder, Roberta Lee sat down and created her business values first, so they became the foundation.

They are our guiding principles in everything that we do, at work, at home, and everything in-between, and we expect the same moral code from our brands, our volunteers, freelancers, partners, and our suppliers.   

We know that it is not possible to live life and do everything 100% perfect in life or business –  but we strive to do more within the business, and never stop learning about ways we can improve. 

Our goal is to conduct ourselves as ethically and sustainably as possible,  without causing harm to other people, minimising our negative impact on the planet, and find more ways to create a positive impact, so that we are giving back to people and the planet. 


Ethics means something different to us all. – and we respect that our view is not the only view.  Here at Ethical Brand Directory, we define ‘ethics’ as our moral compass. This means acting with integrity and respect adhering to actions (not just words) that protect:

Human Rights 

Labour Laws


The Environment

values we live by


We respect people and the planet’s resources – and do not take them for granted.  We believe it is possible to live life, do business ethically and sustainably, without causing harm to other people, and minimising our negative impact on the planet. 


We strive to always do our best and take action based on thorough research. We trust our brands to provide us with the information we need. We value transparency, and the commitment to work towards continuous improvement. 


We believe in inspiring people to take positive action – and that we are stronger together.  Sharing knowledge and implementing easy solutions is key to shifting consumers and businesses to live more ethically and sustainably. 

Integrity & HONESTY

We will never compromise on our values or knowingly support unethical practices.  We are transparent and honest, we don’t pretend we are doing more than we are.  We are a small not-for-profit project and we uphold high-standards in all that we do. 

Compassion & INCLUSIVITY

We understand that not possible to be 100% perfect.  That applies to being ethical or sustainable in life or business.   We respect those who are striving to do better in their own way, and are committed to supporting them on their journey and learning to see the world through multiple lenses.  



Every actions count – and whilst we recognise it’s not possible to be be perfect – we are committed to being conscious and making the best decisions we can with the knowledge we have and financial resources available. 

Roberta Style Lee _ Sustainable Stylist - Personal Stylist & Sustainable Style Expert _ Founder of Ethical Brand Directory


We are often asked what our founder Roberta Lee looks for in a brand we include this in our criteria:

  • a brand’s products or range must be stylish, capsule worthy or beautiful. 
  • a brand’s products or range must be available for more than just a season.
  • a brand’s products are sold at fair price point to reflect fair wages for all of those involved in the process. 
  • a brand must show evidence of responsible sourcing and development, manufacturing and distribution.
  • a brand must make an effort to minimise their environmental impact.
  • a brand must meet at least 1 of our EBD values.
  • a brand must produce items fit for #100wears or long-term use.  

We are INCLUSIVE and open minded 

We understand that each brand is different and so we have an open-minded policy. 

We all have different values and believe in different things, we want EBD to be inclusive and whilst we support vegan brands, we are not a vegan directory.   

We list brands that use: leather, wool and silk – but demonstrate it’s produced ethically or is used sustainably. We also list brands that use alternatives to leather, such as PU and other man made plastics, which may not be considered as ‘sustainable’  as they are not natural materials.



We believe that it is possible to live life fully, conduct business ethically and sustainably and minimise our impact on the planet without giving up on life’s luxuries. 

OUR Auditing Process IncludeS:
  • Ensuring any potential supplier, EBD member, service providers have adequate ethics and sustainability policies in place.
  • Discussing with the appropriate person what their efforts look like in terms of being responsible and ethical in their direct workplace and across their supply chain.
  • Obtaining evidence of fair payment and safe fair working conditions for workers,
  • Understanding sustainability efforts across operations, sourcing transparency, materials used, environmental policies, shipping & packaging and recycling.
  • Checking and validating any claims regarding memberships and certifications.
  • Interviewing the founders/owners to understand their position on ethics and sustainability in their business
  • Reviewing transparency information and data, and published policies available via their website
  • Highlighting if key information is missing and asking them to provide it.
  • Personally reviewing the products and services (if applicable).

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