The EBD Story

Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) started out as a simple spreadsheet back in 2016.  Roberta Lee (left) just wanted to offer a solution to her styling clients.

Today EBD offers a place for conscious consumers to connect with brands that care, on and offline. 

Fast forward to 2019 and we’ve evolved – into an ethical living, education and networking platform for consumers and business owners.

The evolution of the directory into a global network and now an academy is helping ethical and sustainable brands owners to connect, learn and grow their business. 

EBD is proud to facilitate the transition of sustainable and ethical consumerism from a niche to the norm.

Our founder’s journey

Roberta Lee set up Roberta Style Lee and started her ethical and sustainable journey back in late 2015.  She had no idea that she would arrive here doing what she’s doing today.

EBD was an extension of the Roberta Style Lee website, a resource to help others who like her were frustrated by all the ‘googling’ required to find clothing that was responsibly made.

The trouble was most of the ethical clothes found online were not stylish enough to recommend her styling clients.

After becoming aware of the damaging impact the fashion industry has on the environmental, workers and animals, she knew she had to seek out brands that weren’t compromising on aesthetics to be ethical.
She began researching – with a clear goal, to find stylish, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible brands that were:
  • selling products at fair price point that reflected fair wages to workers
  • showing evidence of responsible sourcing and development, manufacturing and distribution
  • making an effort to minimise their environmental impact
  • giving back to good causes.
The project ‘blew’ up in late 2017 with a surge of interest and brands wanting to get involved that the directory had to move to its own website… and January 2018 we moved it across to

Ethical Brand Directory Vision

To connect the conscious consumer to brands that care and provide the ethical brand community with the opportunity to thrive, so together, we can all do more good.

The directory has been designed to showcase beautiful clothing, beauty and lifestyle products and services produced by brands who:

  • Strive to create a positive impact on other people in their supply chain
  • Reduce their impact on the planet
  • Avoid any process that cause harm to animals.

Today EBD is not just a directory, its’ a place for likeminded individuals to come together to share ideas, learn, build their business and get feedback from consumers interested in ethical living and find the gaps for those interested in shopping more responsibly.  

Brands must apply for a place and demonstrate their ethical and sustainable efforts.

A new process was introduced in 2018 to protect the integrity of the platform and ensure brands are 100% transparent about their processes, supplier and what they are doing – as well as what they are not. 

Ethical Brand Directory Values

We believe that is possible to live life, do business ethically and sustainably, without causing harm to other people, animals or the planet.

We will never compromise on our values or knowingly support unethical practices.

We understand that it’s’​ not possible to be 100% ethical or sustainable but respect brands who are striving to do better and support consumers wanting to do better too.

EBD is not just a directory, its’ a place for likeminded individuals to come together to share ideas, learn, build their business and get feedback from consumers interested in ethical shopping.  EBD is a community and the host of online and offline events and workshops in London.

EBD is a directory which brands can join by invitation only, the events are open to everyone, and non-ethical brands are also encouraged to participate in workshops and talks to discover the benefits of being ethical and sustainable in business and why customers in 2018 and beyond care.

If you are interested in supporting the growth of our project we’d love to hear from you.

Contact Roberta in the first instance at: [email protected]