5 Sustainable Fashion Brands That Utilise Waste

Brands that utilise waste are trending…  Waste is only waste if we waste it and many of our Ethical Brand Directory members are innovating and redefining the fashion industry by turning waste into wearable wonders.  

This shift not only reduces the environmental impact of fashion but also empowers us as consumers to make more sustainable choices.  There’s never been a better time to wear your values! 

1. The Reclaimery - Zero waste Design and Upcycling of Clothing

One of our top scoring brands with a score of 68% out of 100

The Reclaimery is a platform that empowers communities and consumers by offering upcycling, and embroidery services.  These services help clothes that their owners have grown bored of, or destined for landfill to be transformed into something new and truly unique.    

They accept a wide range of garments, from mid-range high-street fashion to luxury brands.  Their reclaimers focus on sustainable practices and the platform itself helps support the local community with skills training.  

Based in London in the UK they are dedicated to reducing fashion waste and promoting conscious choices.  They have a range of one-off customised pieces for sale on their website.

    • EBD Brand Score: 68%
    • Location: United Kingdom
    • Ships to: UK
    • Pricing: Mid-range
    • Size-Inclusive: Yes, sizes do vary based on items reclaimed as they are all one-offs.

    • Tried & Tested it?  Yes – Our founder has used The Reclaimery on many occasions. See one of her reviews here

2. Proche - Timeless Clothing and Upcycled Custom Pieces Made To Order


Formerly known as Upcycled By Reissued a service focused on upcycling, Proche has evolved into a clothing line and upcycling label.   

The brand embodies quality clothing made of upcycled/recycled materials with the intent to cherish and pass down pieces for generations. 

The label remains true to its roots of creating one-of-a-kind custom heirloom pieces for clients. 

    • EBD Brand Score: 0 % This brand has not completed the new brand assessment since the new scoring system went live.
    • Location: United States 
    • Ships to: US, UK
    • Pricing: Mid-range  + 
    • Size-Inclusive: Partially, sizes are made to order for custom pieces, however, ready-to-wear goes up to a US large. 

    • Tried & Tested it?  Yes – Our founder purchased some pieces for a celebrity client but has not personally tried the brand. 

3. Laura Zabo - Upcyling Inner Tube into jewellery and Accessories

Laura zabo - Upcycled jewellery and accessories from inner tubes and tyres

Laura Zabo is all about turning tires into unique and conversation-starting accessories.   Originally based in London, Zabo can be found roaming the European countries. The founder Laura crafts wherever she goes.  This eco-conscious brand has been revolutionising upcycling for many years creating belts, sandals, and jewellery from discarded bicycle tires.  

Zabo pieces are not only eco-friendly but also vegan and cruelty-free, catering to those who seek a unique style without any use of materials that come from animals.  

    • EBD Brand Score: 0

      This brand has not completed the new brand assessment since the new scoring system went live.

    • Location:  EU
    • Ships to: Worldwide
    • Pricing: Low
    • Size-Inclusive: Yes – Items can also be made to order in specific sizes. 

    • Tried & Tested it?  Yes – Our founder has used Zabo pieces before and they last! 

4. Bottle Top - Luxury fashion Accessories Made from waste


Bottle Top has a passion for merging sustainability with luxury.   This London-based brand showcases the artistry of upcycled aluminium ring pulls in its collection of bags, accessories, and jewellery.  

With a strong commitment to empowering communities, Bottle Top’s pieces are as socially responsible as they are stylish.  

    • EBD Brand Score: 0

      This brand has not completed the new brand assessment since the new scoring system went live. 

    • Location: London, UK 
    • Ships to: Worldwide
    • Pricing: Mid-Range / Premium
    • Size-Inclusive: Yes

    • Tried & Tested it?  Yes – Our founder has used BottleTop pieces for shoots and  purchased for clients the quality is amazing. However, she has not used them personally. 

5. Belo - Upcycling Decommissioned Seatbelts into Luxury Handbags

Upcycled Seatbelt Gold Ju Mini Bucket Bag by Belo

Belo has been on a journey since joining the Ethical Brand Directory back in 2018.  Today their designs are more refined and focused on a signature style of handbags using discarded seatbelts in a wide range of fun colours. 

Belo is committed to giving back and all sales of handbags contribute towards supporting charities in Brazil. 

    • EBD Brand Score: 0

      This brand has not updated its listing or completed the new brand assessment since the new scoring system went live. 

    • Location: UK  / Brazil 
    • Ships to: Worldwide
    • Pricing: Mid-Range / Premium
    • Size-Inclusive: Yes

    • Tried & Tested it?  No – Our founder has not yet used the latest handbag designs in any photoshoots, nor used them for herself or sold to any clients. 

Fashion Brands Utilising Waste

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, these five ethical and sustainable brands exemplify how innovation, creativity, and sustainability can coexist.  You can use our filters to search for more brands that are recycling and upcyling waste- by selecting the RECYCLE value in the drop down.   


By utilising waste as a valuable resource, they not only create beautiful items but also inspire us, as consumers to think about what happens to waste when we waste it.    Before throwing something away, consider where away is and if you could extend its life (clothes, homeware, anything at all!). 


Let’s try to support these smaller independent brands who are leading the change, signalling to the rest of the industry the way toward.   We have no options left, we must embrace a more sustainable but utilising more of what already exists. 



The EBD Team x 

Comment below with your favourite upcycled piece 👇 we’d love to know if you think upcycling is appealing enough to go mainstream. 


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