Ethical Brand Directory Blog | Baloo Living Brand Founder Interview | Woman in Baloo blanket

An Interview with Baloo Living

In today’s interview we talk to Elizabeth Grojean the founder of  Baloo Living. Baloo Living is the only brand out there that makes eco-friendly weighted blankets, they are perfect for anyone who struggles with sleep or feeling anxious.

Ethical Brand Directory Blog | KiRiVOO Brand Founder Interview | KiRiVOO logo and model modeling KiRiVOO two piece suit

Interview with the founder of KiRiVOO

In today’s interview we talk to the founder Ines Karu-Salo of KiRiVOO, an exclusive and high-quality slow fashion designer wear label that creates classic timeless pieces for professional women. Made in Estonia this brand is perfect for the style conscious woman who loves to look good.

Interview with the founder of ANTHONY STOKER

In today’s interview, we speak with luxury, ethical footwear designer, Anthony Stoker, as he reveals his passion for creating beautiful shoes with both consumer and craftsman in mind. Without compromising on sustainability, each pair of shoes are proudly made for longevity; styles that will endure for many years, not just a season.