Meet The Team

Ethical Brand Directory has grown into a team! We are proud to have a small team of part-time volunteers and bloggers help us do more good.

Discover who is in our team and what their superpowers are.

We cannot build Ethical Brand Directory alone, so if you've got some skills to give, we'd love to hear from you.

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Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

Roberta Lee

Roberta is founder of Roberta Style Lee, the Ethical Brand Directory and EBD Network. She is a speaker, coach and sustainable stylist - and the creative visionary for this project.

Roberta is passionate about ethical living, proving that ethical and environmentally conscious doesn't mean hippies and hemp or living a life without luxury or style.

She cares about the impact our actions have on each other, animals and the planet.

Roberta meets, speaks, writes and organises the directory, the EBD team and EBD events.


Sponsor & Technical Support Manager

Steve Woody

Steve Woody is a multi-talented individual who served for 6 years in the UK Army, specialising in communications. He is a published author, speaker and the founder of Online Mastery.

He has been a key member of the team since day one - providing the sponsorship we needed and the technical know to get the directory started.

Steve provides technical guidance to enable us to have the wonderful directory you see before you today. He also helps with the 'tech stuff ' for our online events.


Website Administrator & Research Assistant

Darko Dimitrovski

Darko is a passionate member of our team and has been with us since the beginning.

He is a multi-talented superhero who also works for Roberta Style Lee as well as having a full-time day job.

Based in Macedonia, he proves that remotes workers rock.

Darko supports Ethical Brand Directory with a variety of tasks and website administration.


Blog Team & Content Coordinator

Molly Vaid

Bio coming soon.


Facebook & Instagram Coordinator

Catalina Jurat

Bio coming soon.


London Events Coordinator

Alessia Cesana

Alessia is the director of Laurel and Yew, a design consultancy specialized in interior design, floral design and events design with a strong ethic.

She is the host of “Good Conversations” with Good Works (a secular charity rooted in Catholic Social Teaching that offers a more meaningful alternative to the hollow corporate approach to work), and a writer and blogger with a particular passion for food and regenerating her hometown of Croydon.

She is a strong advocate that beauty will save the world (however you interpret it) and spends all the time she isn’t working, studying or volunteering at the V&A and the Brompton Oratory (although she is working on her fist book and spending there working hours too!).


Social Media Assistant

Andrea Meza

Bio coming soon.


Brand Auditor & Plastic Revolution Blogger

Paola Carceles

Bio coming soon.


London Events Assistant

Lara Gill

Bio coming soon.


Ethical & Frugal Living Blogger

Claire Lyons

Claire is a traditional tree hugger, and wrote and lectured for 15 years in Mental Health Recovery before having her four children.

She now shares her experience to support families looking to save money while also saving the world through her amazing resources and facebook groups: The Frugal Family.

Claire is our ethical and frugal living blogger.


Sustainable Wedding Blogger

Daniela Degrassi

Daniela Degrassi is a lifestyle photographer, founder of ethical bridal-friendly brand Annaborgia and editor of The Kind Bride, a resource and inspiration blog for the vegan bride. Naturalized American, she now lives mainly in her native Italy, and travels to US on a regular basis. She is a passionate sustainable fashion advocate and loves writing, traveling and team work towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Daniela is our sustainable wedding blogger.


Vintage Fashion Blogger

Elly Platt

Elly is an ethical fashion and vintage clothes enthusiast on a mission to encourage everyone to love the clothes they own, and make thoughtful purchases that are good for people and the planet.

As well as upcycling and refashioning her existing wardrobe, she is always on the lookout for vintage treasures and sustainable fashion innovation.

Elly is our vintage fashion blogger.


Ethical Beauty Blogger

Melissa Kimbell

Melissa is a clean beauty formulation expert, eco-activist and the founder of Awake Organics.

She has a passion for women’s health, mental health, and the health of the planet. Her writing often explores the link between these areas.

Her work often centres around women struggling with the stress of modern life, and creates awareness around the link between exposure to harmful chemicals and pollution, and ill-health.

Melissa is our green beauty blogger.


Ethical Evolution Blogger

Evie Hooper

Evie is going through the ethical fashion evolution and has decided to share her diary and experience with us as she evolves and learns more.

We are excited to document her journey and show the truth, conflict, joy, satisfaction and challenges of being a more conscious fashionista.

Evie is our ethical evolution blogger.


Ethical Fashion Blogger

Harjit Sohotey-Khan

Harjit is the founder of Jewelled Buddha a clothing brand for the empowered woman.

We are excited to learn more about behind the scenes of a ethical fashion brand and understand just where our money goes, who makes our clothes and why that's important.

Harjit is our ethical fashion blogger.


Brand Auditor & Plastic Revolution Blogger

Paola Cárceles Moreno

Paola is a “Removing Avoidable Plastics” expert and passionate sustainability professional, driving positive change in business by leveraging science and ethical values. She believes that all is not lost, but if we want a liveable future that’s only possible if we move towards a circular society.

Paola is our Brand Auditor & Plastic Revolution Blogger