Meet The Team 

Ethical Brand Directory has grown into a global team! We are proud to have so many part-time volunteers and bloggers helping us do more good.
We are extremely honored to welcome our Trusted Partners, through strategic partnerships and collaborations we can extend our reach and help the ethical brand community to thrive.

We cannot run the Ethical Brand Directory network alone so if you've got some skills to give, want to contribute and learn, we'd love to hear from you.
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Roberta Lee - Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

Managing Partner 

Roberta Lee

Roberta Lee is the founder of Roberta Style Lee, where she works as a sustainable stylist, coach and speaker. She is the founder, creative visionary and driving force behind Ethical Brand Directory.  With 17+ years of multidisciplinary marketing, project & people management - her diverse skills enable her motivate the team and drive the project forward.

Roberta is passionate about ethical living, proving that ethical and environmentally conscious doesn't mean living a life without luxury or style. She cares about the impact our actions have on each other, animals and the planet.

Roberta is responsible for the Ethical Brand Directory strategy, managing the team, building Trusted Partnerships and collaborations.

Roberta will deliver training and coaching sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.

Dr Rob Wylie - Trusted Adviser - Ethical Brand Directory


Investment, Partnerships & Funding

Trusted Advisor  

Dr Rob Wylie

Rob Wylie has focused on technology commercialisation and impact investing in resource efficiency sectors for over 30 years. He is co-founder and Chairman of a number of impact investment firms including WHEB, Cambridge Agritech and Five Seasons VC.

Rob is a board director of several companies promoting reduced chemical use and resource efficiency in agriculture and founder trustee of the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation.

Rob is the teams Trusted Advisor for all investment, funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Rob will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.

Bel Jacobs - Trusted Partner - Ethical Brand Directory

Media Relations 

Trusted Partner 

Bel Jacobs 

Bel Jacobs is the former fashion editor for Metro, an ethical fashion journalist and blogger.

She runs two websites: and and actively campaigns against the exploitation of animals in fashion and beyond.

Bel is a Trusted Partner and will work alongside Roberta Lee to identify opportunities to raise the profile of  Ethical Brand Directory in the media.

Bel will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.

Steve Woody - Trusted Partner - Ethical Brand Directory

Development & Technical Support

Trusted Partner 

Steve Woody

Steve Woody is a multi-talented individual who served for 6 years in the UK Army, specialising in communications. He is a published author, speaker and the founder of Online Mastery.

He has been a key member of the team since day one - providing the sponsorship we needed and the technical know to get the directory started.

Steve is a Trusted Partner and provides technical guidance and advice to the Ethical Brand Directory.

Steve will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.

Besma Whayeb - Trusted Partner - Ethical Brand Directory

Social Influence

Trusted Partner 

Besma Whayeb

Besma Whayeb is a experienced lifestyle blogger and influencer at Curiously Conscious.  She’s been seeking kinder ways to live across clean beauty, ethical fashion, healthy food, eco travel and more since 2014.

She is professional writer and recently founded of the Ethical Influencers, a digital community devoted to doing good.

Besma Joined Ethical Brand Directory to advise on our influencer and marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond. Our goal is to make influencers accessible to all of our EBD brands. 

Besma will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.


Utami Giles - Trusted Partner - Ethical Brand Directory

Brand Strategy

Trusted Partner 

Utami Giles

Utami Giles is a marketing professional with experience working with brand development in retail and sustainable materials in the fashion industry. She runs a Consultancy for branding and marketing initiatives around sustainability and eco-related businesses, and is on the board for Chip[s] Board Ltd.

Utami has been involved in conversations regarding the overall brand strategy and brand positioning for EBD for 2019 and beyond.

Utami will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.

Akhil Sivanandan- Trusted Partner - Ethical Brand Directory

Sustainability Impact Data

Trusted Partner 

Akhil Sivanandan 

Akhil Sivanandan is passionate about sustainability data. He helps companies and people achieve a greener and socially responsible way of doing business. He is the co-founder of Green Story Inc based in Canada.

His experience includes strategic advisory for major global firms, public and private companies, non-profits, and the government. 

Akhil is a Trusted Partner and provides insights and impact data for Roberta Style Lee styling services & Ethical Brand Directory.

Akhil will deliver training sessions over the course of the year for members of our Ethical Brand Academy.


Brand Guardian

Trusted Partner 


Christine Mhando - Marketing Manager - Ethical Brand Directory

Marketing Manager 

Christine Mhando 

Christine is a knowledgeable fashion expert with over 15 years industry experience. An entrepreneurial individual, she has a wide range of expertise in design, styling and operations. Until recently, Christine ran CHICHIA, an Independent womenswear label ethically manufactured in Tanzania and UK.

In 2018 she decided it was time for a new challenge and completed an MSc in Applied psychology in Fashion with a focus on sustainability, psychological wellbeing and consumer relations.

Christine joins us as our Marketing Manager for 1-day a week.

Rachel Jagusch - EBD Trusted Partnership Manager

Trusted Partnership Manager 

Rachel Jagusch 

Rachel is a talented marketing and business development professional, who has a passion for connecting people, strategic collaborations and cultivating networks. She has a background in the legal industry and is keen to bring her corporate experience and her passion for doing good to the EBD Team.

Rachel will work closely with Roberta Lee to manage EBD’s Trusted Partners and help identify corporate sponsors and funding opportunities.

Rachel is our Trusted Partnership Manager and works with the team one day a week on a Wednesday.
Darko Dimitrovski - Website Administrator  - Ethical Brand Directory

Website Admininstrator 

Darko Dimitrovski

Darko is a passionate member of our team and has been with us since the the very beginning.

He is a multi-talented superhero who also works for Roberta Style Lee as well as having a full-time day job working with website coding. Based in Macedonia, he proves that remotes workers rock. He loves football and website development, as well as learning about sustainability.

Darko supports Ethical Brand Directory with a variety of tasks and website administration.

[email protected]

Amelie Jannoe - Content Development Assistant  - Ethical Brand Directory

Content Development Coordinator

Amelie Jannoe 

Amelie is a recent Business Graduate with experience in luxury fashion and beauty, and is now pursuing a career that is positive for people and planet.

She is passionate about adventure sports, the environment, design and sustainability.

Amelie joined the Roberta Style Lee / Ethical Brand Directory team on a 6-month part-time internship in December 2018. 

Amelie is our content development coordinator.

Delphine Williot - Business Development Assistant  - Ethical Brand Directory

Business Development Assistant

Delphine Williot

Delphine has experience in sustainability consulting and auditing and advocates for brands with sustainable business models.

She’s passionate about sustainable fashion and promoting a zero waste lifestyle on a day to day basis. Delphine joined the Roberta Style Lee /Ethical Brand Directory Team on a 6-month part-time internship in October 2018.

Delphine is our business development assistant. 

Alessia Cesana - Event Coordinator  - Ethical Brand Directory

Ad Hoc Volunteer Support 

Alessia Cesana

Alessia is the director of Laurel and Yew, a design consultancy specialized in interior design, floral design and events design. She is the host of the “Good Conversations” with Good Works, and a writer and blogger with a particular passion for food and regenerating her hometown of Croydon.

She is a strong advocate that beauty will save the world (however you interpret it) and is currently writing her first book.

Alessia helps with various tasks behind the scenes. 

Harjit Sohotey-Khan - Blogger  - Ethical Brand Directory

Ethical Fashion Blogger

Harjit Sohotey-Khan

Harjit is the founder of Jewelled Buddha a clothing brand for the empowered woman - and regularly sells her collection of handpicked artisan goods at pop-up shops and markets across London, as well as online.

She’s passionate about travel, ethics and sustainability.

We are excited to learn more about behind the scenes of a ethical fashion brand and understand just where our money goes, who makes our clothes and why that's important.

Harjit is our ethical fashion blogger.

Elly Platt - Blogger  - Ethical Brand Directory

Vintage Fashion Blogger

Elly Platt

Elly is an ethical fashion and vintage clothes enthusiast on a mission to encourage everyone to love the clothes they own. She loves to make thoughtful purchases that are good for people and the planet.

An accomplished dressmaker, and upcycling fan sees Elly frequently refashioning her existing wardrobe, proving that sustainable style starts at home. She is always on the lookout for vintage treasures and sustainable fashion innovation.

Elly is our vintage fashion blogger.

Andrea Meza - Twitter Assistant  - Ethical Brand Directory

Social Media Assistant

Andrea Meza

Andrea works for a start-up business and is strongly interested in sustainable & circular fashion.

In her free time, she likes dancing, Pilates and working on her baby project, she’s passionate about education, the environment and justice.

Andrea is our social media assistant for Twitter and ensures we are tweeting about interesting topics, sharing our events and blog posts. 

She represents Ethical Brand Directory on #EthicalHour every Monday at 8pm.

Daniela Degrassi - Blogger  - Ethical Brand Directory

Sustainable Wedding Blogger

Daniela Degrassi

Daniela is a lifestyle photographer, founder of ethical bridal-friendly brand Annaborgia and editor of The Kind Bride, a resource and inspiration blog for the vegan bride. A naturalized American, who now lives mainly in her native homeland of Italy, and travels to US on a regular basis. She is a passionate sustainable fashion advocate and loves writing, traveling and a collaborative approach towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Daniela is our sustainable wedding blogger.

Claire Lyons - Blogger  - Ethical Brand Directory

Ethical & Frugal Living Blogger

Claire Lyons

Claire is a traditional tree hugger, and wrote and lectured for 15 years in Mental Health Recovery before having her four children.

She now shares her experience to support families looking to save money while also saving the world through her amazing resources and facebook groups: The Frugal Family.

Claire is our ethical and frugal living blogger.

Evie Hooper - Blogger  - Ethical Brand Directory

Ethical Evolution Blogger

Evie Hooper

Evie is going through the ethical fashion and living evolution and has decided to share her experience with us as she evolves and learns more.

We are excited to document her journey and show the truth, conflict, joy, satisfaction and challenges of being a more conscious consumer. .

Evie is our ethical evolution blogger.