7 Ways to help small businesses during Covid-19

During this difficult time, it’s important we do what we can to keep the economy afloat so we’ve highlighted 7-ways you can help small businesses and members of Ethical Brand Directory.
In my previous post HOW TO SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER DURING COVID-19, I spoke about what the government is doing – but not what we can do as fellow consumers. This post is designed to highlight simple steps you can take to make a big difference.

Here are 7 Ways to help small businesses during Covid-19:

▪️shop for food and day-to-day necessities locally, where possible, using delivery services to stay safe
▪️buy vouchers from the businesses you would usually visit or were planning to buy something from
▪️continue to shop online and buy gifts and items that you planned to buy before Covid-19 (if you can afford it)
▪️switch to online options, buy courses or PDF downloads to support those who cannot offer their services in person
▪️continue to order takeout and order restaurant food for delivery (for as long as the government deems it safe)
▪️take the time to give service providers recommendations on google and social media
▪️spend some time adding comments to your favourite independent brand’s blogs to help their SEO

Meet some of our ethical brands

Take a look through our directory and you’ll find amazing stories, amazing products and wonderful people who have worked hard to create small businesses that give back. 

Left to right: Oisin, Jewelled Buddha and Artisan & Fox


Óisín (pronounced Ush-een) is a UK clothing brand aiming to provide ethics and sustainability through a creative and minimalistic aesthetic. The brand takes inspiration from a range of design disciplines such as architecture, photography, art and more, with a focus on proportion and geometry. Óisín works on the idea that both ethics and design are essential components for each piece of clothing – balancing both are intrinsic to the final outcome.

Visit Oisin’s profile on Ethical Brand Directory

Jewelled Buddha

Jewelled Buddha partners with social enterprises and ethical brands around the world. They curate a sophisticated edit of handmade, sustainable fashion for the style-conscious consumer seeking authentic, responsibly sourced textiles with a modern, global aesthetic.

Jewelled Buddha only source from social businesses and brands who share their beliefs of ethical production, celebrating and preserving ancient craft techniques and ensuring artisans are empowered to earn a sustainable and dignified income.

Visit Jewelled Buddha’s profile on Ethical Brand Directory


Artisan & Fox is an ethical artisan marketplace connecting you to extraordinary craftsmanship by artisans across the Majority World. Their curated marketplaces offers unique homewares, jewellery and accessories for women.

With Ethics, Transparency and Sustainability at their core, Artisan & Fox are on a mission to empower local artisans every day. They seek to redefine the way global retail works, by investing in local makers and helping them expand their micro-enterprises.

Visit Artisan and Fox’s profile on Ethical Brand Directory

Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

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