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Your Voice Matters

Activism is a powerful force.  We all have a voice and the power of the internet means we can rally up support and get life-changing, planet-saving petitions in front of decision-makers quicker than ever before.  

Don’t dismiss your contribution, even if you can’t physically contribute in volunteering or a march. There are many other ways to use your voice and help contribute towards positive change.  

Take a look at the campaigns below and show your support, sign a petition, donate to a worthy cause, or take to social media and let others know about the causes you care about.   


Note: This page was updated in 2024 to include resources for all the current wars and conflicts going on around the world, as well as climate protests, petitions to sign, ways to engage in fashion activism and more. 

Links are NOT an endorsement, this page is a signposting resource. – we are not affiliated with any political party or agenda. 

Why Activism in all Forms is Needed


Armchair activism is an important stepping stone and a great ‘entry’ point on the activism journey, it is not to be dismissed and can be a hugely important part of the overall activism movement, this involves a more accessible entry point for individuals. 

We need options that are inclusive and do not discriminate based on:

  • Location,
  • Cost,
  • Available time,
  • Accessibility requirements,
  • Access to childcare,
  • Language barriers, 
  • Physical, emotional or mental health reasons. 

If you are considering organising an activism activity,  provide multiple ways for people to engage and support the causes they care about. 

Activism Now: Don't Wait for Others to Deal With It

We need more people to engage in activism now because the challenges we face globally—such as climate change, social injustices, and ongoing conflicts—are unprecedented in scale and urgency.   Increased activism can amplify voices calling for equitable and sustainable solutions, hold power structures accountable, and drive meaningful policy changes. 

Collective action is essential to address these critical issues effectively, ensuring that the rights and well-being of marginalised communities are protected and that future generations inherit a healthier planet and a just society.  

Volunteering is another powerful way to lend you support to the issues that matters to you. 

Global Conflicts & War Happening Now That Need Our Support

  • Israeli-Palestinian War: This conflict has intensified with significant casualties in Gaza following the Hamas-led attack on Israel in October 2023. The situation remains dire, with high civilian casualties and widespread devastation in Gaza (Crisis Group) (The IRC).

  • Russia-Ukraine War: The conflict continues with heavy fighting along a 600-mile front. The war has caused significant destruction and loss of life, and there is little sign of a peaceful resolution soon (Crisis Group).

  • Sudan: Fighting between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces has resulted in thousands of deaths and displaced millions, pushing the country towards collapse (Crisis Group).

  • Myanmar: The military junta faces a significant rebellion, with escalating conflict leading to widespread displacement and humanitarian crises (Crisis Group) (The IRC).

  • Ethiopia: Despite a ceasefire in Tigray, conflicts have erupted in Amhara and Oromo regions, with rising tensions threatening wider instability (Crisis Group).

  • Sahel Region: Countries like Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso are grappling with military coups and jihadist insurgencies, leading to significant violence and displacement (Crisis Group).

  • Haiti: The country is plagued by gang violence and political instability, with international efforts underway to restore order and facilitate elections (Crisis Group).

  • Armenia-Azerbaijan: Tensions remain high following a recent offensive by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, causing massive displacement of ethnic Armenians (Crisis Group).

  • U.S.-China Tensions: Geopolitical rivalry, particularly over Taiwan and the South China Sea, continues to pose risks of conflict (Crisis Group).

  • Other Conflicts: This includes ongoing violence in Colombia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, and other regions facing armed conflict and significant humanitarian crises (Wikipedia).


Awareness: Take a Stand

By educating ourselves and participating in education and awareness, we can take a stand and support activism campaigns aligned with our beliefs.   

Awareness of what is happening in the world is the first step,  once we have some understanding we determine the steps we can take, and contribute to a global push for peace and support those affected by conflict.


Send us the details and official pages so we can check the campaigns are legitimate.  We will endeavour to get it listed on this page, which is designed to be a simple quick and easy resource.   

Our main focus is on Global Peace, Fashion Activism, Equal Opportunities, Environmental Activism, Supporting Women, Equality & Diversity

Donate now: Support Charities and Humanitarian Organisations

1. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Website: ICRC

How to Help: Donate to their operations in the region to support emergency assistance, protection, and humanitarian aid for civilians affected by the conflict.


2.United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

Website: UNRWA

How to Help: Contribute to their programs providing education, health care, relief, and social services for Palestinian refugees.

1. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Website: IRC

How to Help: Donate to support emergency response efforts, including health care, cash assistance, and protection services for displaced Ukrainians


2.Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières)

Website: MSF

How to Help: Fund their medical teams providing care to those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.


1.Save the Children

Website: Save the Children

How to Help: Support their initiatives in Sudan, providing food, shelter, education, and protection for children caught in the conflict.


2.Sudanese Red Crescent Society

Website: Sudanese Red Crescent

How to Help: Donate to help them deliver vital aid and services to those affected by the fighting in Sudan.

Myanmar Conflict

1.Action Against Hunger

Website: Action Against Hunger

How to Help: Provide donations to support their efforts in delivering food, nutrition, and humanitarian aid to displaced populations in Myanmar.


2. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Website: IRC Myanmar

How to Help: Fund their programs offering health, protection, and emergency assistance to communities in need.

1. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Website: IRC Ethiopia

How to Help: Support their initiatives providing emergency relief, health services, and protection for those affected by the conflict.


2.World Food Programme (WFP)

Website: WFP Ethiopia

How to Help: Donate to help them deliver food assistance and support livelihood programs in conflict-affected regions

1. CARE International

Website: CARE

How to Help: Contribute to their programs addressing food insecurity, health, and resilience building in Sahel countries.


2. Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Website: NRC

How to Help: Fund their efforts to provide shelter, education, and legal assistance to displaced populations in the Sahel.

1.  Partners In Health (PIH)

Website: PIH

How to Help: Donate to support their medical and community health programs in Haiti.


2.Hope for Haiti

Website: Hope for Haiti

How to Help: Support their efforts in education, healthcare, water, and economic development in Haiti.

1. Aurora Humanitarian Initiative

Website: Aurora Prize

How to Help: Contribute to their projects aimed at providing humanitarian aid and supporting displaced people in the region.


2. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Website: ICRC

How to Help: Fund their relief operations providing aid to those affected by the conflict.

1.  Global Taiwan Institute

Website: Global Taiwan Institute

How to Help: Support their research and advocacy work promoting peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

1.  Global Taiwan Institute

Website: Global Taiwan Institute

How to Help: Support their research and advocacy work promoting peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Protest: Join a Peaceful Protest

Participating in peaceful protests is an essential outlet to allow people to have their voices heard.

Protesting is a mechanism used by groups to influence public opinion, or government policy and expedite decisions.  

Anti-War and Peaceful Protests in the UK, US, and Europe

Anti-War and Peaceful Protests in the UK, US, and Europe

As conflicts continue around the globe, many people are choosing to express their desire for peace through protests. Here are some notable anti-war and peaceful protests that citizens can participate in across the UK, the US, and Europe:

PROTEST the war, share and communicate with others vital information for protestors to get involved in peaceful protests. 

United Kingdom


  • JOIN A PROTEST you can find out where meet-ups are happening across the UK here

    *links are not endorsements of political party leaders position on the war

  • London:
    London frequently sees large-scale anti-war demonstrations, particularly in response to conflicts like those in Gaza. Thousands have marched in the streets, demanding ceasefires and calling for government accountability​ (JURISTnews)​.

  • Universities Across the UK: Students at institutions like UCL, Goldsmiths, SOAS, UAL, and LSE have been particularly active, setting up encampments and participating in nationwide walkouts​ (JURISTnews)​.

University Campuses: There have been significant protests on university campuses, such as Columbia University, UCLA, and Vanderbilt University.

These protests often involve occupations, sit-ins, and encampments, demanding divestment from entities supporting conflict and increased awareness and action from university administrations​ (Wikipedia)​​ (JURISTnews)​.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Protests have taken place at various universities, including mass occupations at the University of Amsterdam. Dutch students and faculty have been involved in national walkouts and demonstrations​ (Wikipedia)​.


Germany and France: Students at Leipzig University and Sciences Po in France have engaged in campus occupations and protests, joining the broader movement advocating for peace and solidarity with conflict victims​ (Wikipedia)​.


How to participate in peaceful protests

How to Participate

To join these movements, you can look up local protest schedules on social media platforms or through organisations like Amnesty International and the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.  Universities often post about upcoming demonstrations and ways to get involved in student-led initiatives.  

To further support peace and humanitarian efforts, consider contributing to or volunteering with these organisations:



Advocates for human rights globally and often organizes peaceful protests and campaigns. Visit Amnesty International to find out more and get involved.

Works towards raising awareness and advocating for Palestinian rights.

More information and ways to support can be found at Palestinian Solidarity Campaign

Provides medical aid in conflict zones. You can support their efforts by donating or volunteering. Learn more at Doctors Without Borders.

Offers humanitarian aid in many of the world’s most challenging conflict zones.

Visit International Red Cross for more details on how to help.

Focuses on helping children affected by conflict. You can support them by donating or participating in their campaigns.

Check out War Child for more information.



Check out a list of places that are accepting donations of all ins to help those being displaced by the war here

Military action in 2022 has forced upwards of 1.7 million people to flee Ukraine. They join almost three million people already in need of humanitarian assistance across the country following years of conflict, including 850,000 internally displaced people.

More about UNHCR here

Donate to the UNHCR here

You can Donate to UniCef a charity that is helping  children that are displaced by fleeing conflict zones in the Ukraine here

Sign Petitions: Your Signature Can Make a Difference

Supporting the signing of petitions is crucial because it empowers individuals to collectively influence policy and societal change, demonstrating public demand for action on important issues. 

This collective voice can lead to legislative debates, raise awareness, and hold authorities accountable, driving impactful and democratic transformations. After 100,000 signatures, petitions are considered for debate in Parliament. 


FASHION REVOLUTION campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. 

FASHION REVOLUTION campaign for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. 

The Bangladesh garment industry has a long history of factory incidents. The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, created after the Rana Plaza collapse of 2013, has made a real change by making factories safer. The current agreement will run out by the end of May 2021. Action is needed to protect progress made for workplace safety. 

Find out more about the Bangladesh Accord

Use social media to share this video and use the hashtags #protectprogress and #RanaPlazaNeverAgain. 

The #PayUp campaign formed in March 2020 out of the fashion industry’s catastrophic decision to refuse payment for completed clothing orders heading into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sign the #PayUp Petition to hold brands accountable and build a fair future for garment workers in 7 Actions. 

This petition calls on fashion brands to adopt Fairtrade practices, ensuring that producers in developing countries receive fair prices and wages. Supporting this initiative promotes economic justice and sustainability.

This petition demands that brands and retailers commit to paying a living wage to all workers in their supply chains. Ensuring fair wages helps to lift workers out of poverty and promotes sustainable livelihoods.

PETA’s petition advocates for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics and personal care products. It calls on governments and companies to adopt cruelty-free alternatives that do not harm animals.

Greenpeace’s campaign seeks to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the fashion industry by 2020. This petition urges fashion brands to commit to a detox solution, ensuring safer products for consumers and a healthier environment.

India is facing an unprecedented crisis. Citizens and frontline workers are fighting the second wave of COVID-19 directly and indirectly, by tackling the virus, and indirectly trying not to collapse under the immense pressure on an already fragile healthcare system.

Read the Cotton Diaries | India to find out more about the issues garment workers are facing during the pandemic  

Share these premade assets across your social media and help raise awareness.


Because of the covid pandemic small factories like Jacobs Well have been impacted by local lockdowns and reduced orders. 

There are no government support schemes so businesses are still recovering from the impact of the last 2 years.


No Planet: No Justice for Anyone


No planet, no justice for anyone—our time on this borrowed land demands we consider the bigger picture.

Fighting against climate change and protecting biodiversity is crucial for future generations’ access to water, nature, and a climate suitable for growing crops. Prioritising the well-being of the planet is essential despite ongoing global conflicts; if we lose sight of our ‘home,’ we risk losing it entirely.   

By focusing on environmental sustainability, we ensure a livable world for all.​


PROTECTING THE FUTURE OF LIFE ON EARTH …means stopping the mass damage and destruction of ecosystems taking place globally.  The term used to describe this serious harm to nature ecocide.


Right now, in most of the world, no-one is held responsible for damage done to the earth. 

It’s time to change the rules.  It’s time to make ecocide an international crime.

Together with lawyers, diplomats and civil society, ECOCIDE are working towards amending the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court to include a crime of Ecocide. 

Support the PETITION 

Discover the latest Campaigns at 

Find a campaign that matters to you and show your support. 

The Rethink Plastic alliance works with European decision-makers to design and deliver policies solutions for a future free from plastic pollution.

They are calling  for urgent action in 3 key areas: reduction, redesign and better management of plastics.

TAKE ACTION – and share your Pledge of Support 

The Paid to Pollute campaign is taking the UK Government to court to stop it paying out billions of pounds to big polluters in the gas and oil industry.


Call on the UK government to: reject new and recently approved oil and gas field, tax big polluters and support oil/gas industry workers to transition to renewable energy.



All too often, there is no justice for women and girls affected by violence.

But around the world, there are heroes in communities, law firms and police stations who are fighting to fix broken legal systems that protect abusers and punish survivors. These heroes include lawyers sacrificing their fees to help women access justice in Ghana and feminist school graduates in Jordan who are demanding change. 

Will you join ActionAid in supporting campaigners across the world who are putting the power back in the hands of women and girls who survive violence? 


Native American tribes and communities are struggling to properly fund tribal law enforcement agencies, which leads to increased amounts of violence on tribal lands. 

American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) women experience violence at much higher rates than the national average, while they represent 2% of the population. 


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