Technical Ways to Improve Search Rankings

Looking for tips on how to optimise your website and improve your search rankings? Digital Strategist, Nikki Webb joined Ethical Brand Directory’s supporting small business webinar series to share her expertise and help your business excel online. With over 20-years of digital marketing experience under her belt, Nikki is an expert in her field and had plenty of business wisdom to share.

Nikki Webb, Founder of Ethicly

Armed with 20-years of digital experience, numerous awards and hundreds of successful strategies in play, Nikki’s plan for the next 20-years is to use her passion and expertise to do good. That is why in April this year she launched Ethicly – a digital marketing agency which helps purpose-driven brands achieve digital success and make a real impact.

Nikki Webb, Founder of Ethicly - Technical Ways to Improve Search Rankings Webinar for Ethical Brand Directory

Technical Ways to Improve Search Rankings with Nikki Webb

In her session, Nikki discussed technical ways that we can improve our website search rankings – demystifying all of the technical elements and helping us grow our businesses online. 

Supporting Small Businesses Webinar: Technical Ways to Improve Search Rankings Key Takeaways

  1. Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible. So the highest-ranking sites are the ones which make this easier for Google. To optimise your website it should be: fast, secure and accessible on mobile devices. If your website does not perform well on the above criteria, Google will not index you.
  • Every website should make use of: site maps, robots and schema…

XML sitemaps provide an essential library of all your website pages and HTML sitemaps help to build internal link architecture to all the pages on your website, as well as providing an easy to use visual representation of your site to users.

The robots.txt tells the search engine bots which pages to crawl and which pages not to crawl on your website, this way Google only finds the relevant pages.

Schema markup is a way of making your website as relevant as possible, it is effectively a library classification system for internet sites. It helps Google and other search engines to understand your site a lot quicker.

  • Monitor on a monthly basis. This will ensure your website is always in good health. Nikki recommends checking your website regularly for index pages, page errors and broken lines.

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