Supporting Small Businesses | Webinar Series (2020)

As Coronavirus continues to sweep the globe, its financial impact is being felt by all businesses, especially small, independent businesses who rely on their close community of customers to stay afloat. 

According to their member survey, the National Small Business Association found that 3 in 4 small-business owners are very concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19. With 38% of owners experiencing increased uncertainty about the financial future of their business – a noticeable jump from 15% in January. 

With business-as-usual on hold, the need for businesses to continue working on themselves and diversifying their model is now a necessity. 

Our Founder Roberta Lee said: “Now is the time to help people. COVID-19 has disrupted life for us all. And providing content that can solve people’s immediate problems and concerns is necessary. We need it. It is a genuine ‘need’ that gives us clear guidance on what we can do to help – because we can relate to the problem, we are all living through it” 

A willingness to ‘give back’ right now is essential that’’s why we’re hosting an amazing ‘supporting small businesses’ webinar series, with an incredible line-up of thought leaders and experts within their fields. Through kindness, collaboration and sharing our knowledge we can better equip ourselves for a more positive future.

Speakers That joined The Line-Up:

Ethical Brand Directory | Supporting Small Businesses Webinar Series | Speaker Lineup | Industry Experts and Ethical Brands

Roberta Lee

Founder of Ethical Brand Directory “What content to share during Corona and why you should stop focusing on sales”
And finished the series with a webinar on “How to work effectively with a stylist”

Charlotte Bingham-Wallis

Charlotte Bingham Wallice Co-Founder of From Belo “The Importance of Community and Kindness”

Lucy Norris

Lucy Norris, Communications Expert “Using video to communicate with your customers”

Kerry Bannigan

Kerry Bannigan, Founder of Conscious Fashion Campaign “Getting started with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”

Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck, Sustainability and Supply Chain Operations Consultant, founder at JAKS SOLUTIONS “Taking the time to Understand Sustainability in the Supply Chain”

Ami Rabheru

Ami Rabheru Retail Business Consultant at The Retail Business Hub ” Don’t stop working ON your business”

Rachel Kan

Rachel Kan, consultant and founder at Circular Earth “Sustainable Supply-Chain and Ethical Sourcing”

Susannah Davda

Susannah Davda, Founder of The Shoe Consultant “Creating Sustainable Footwear”

Supporting Small Businesses – When They Need It Most

Attendance to EBD’s month-long webinars was entirely FREE and open to both members and non-members. If you’re wanting to invest in your skillset, evolve your business and stay present during Covid-19,  and missed out, make sure you check the EBD blog for our webinar series roundups and key takeaways. 

Have an idea for a webinar you’d like to run?  Please contact: Roberta Lee and submit your webinar title and area of expertise. Please note: our audience is ‘ethical brands’ so please bare this in mind when pitching to us. 

If you are writing about the Ethical Brand Directory Webinar Training Series or any of the speakers, please find more details here.



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