Proud to Sponsor & Host Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week 2020 – what an amazing turn out considering none of us could be together in person. Ethical Brand Directory was proud to sponsor Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution this year – which was hosted completely online! We teamed up with Jo Salter from Where Does It Come From, Claire Couchman from Couchman Bespoke, Tze Ching Yeung from Jake and Maya. Along with a fabulous team who worked behind the scenes to get this 7-day extravaganza up and running, and inviting 41 speakers to participate!

Ethical Brand Directory has been working in the online events space for some time, having hosted Going Green in 2018 and Going Green in 2019 so it felt like a no-brainer to get involved and support this wonderful effort to bring us all together during COVID-19. 

My Highlights from Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution

Some of the stand out moments for me whilst I was attending the event – not just as the event organiser and sponsor – but also as a panel host include the Fashion Activism Panel with Bel Jacobs and Alice Wilby. I particularly loved delving into what fashion activism means and how we can all do more to get involved. 

Another standout session for me was, of course, the wonderful stories from all of our brands at Ethical Brand Directory – it was so great to hear about why these ethical brand founders had set up their businesses and to see them on video communicating their passion.

It was also amazing to dig a little deeper and interview my business partner Dan Pontarlier aka Sustainable Man, professor and sustainability expert! Dan shared his sustainable style story, some of his fashion evolution and in return Dan then interviewed me. You can check out both of the interview write-ups below.

Founder of Ethical Brand Directory Roberta Lee Interviews Founder of Sustainable Man Dan Pontarlier | Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution Online Even

Catch-up on the ethical fashion sessions…

Below is a list of the sessions that I personally hosted, summarised in short blog write-ups:

●      Why is Fashion Activism Important?

●      Clothes Swaps for Fashion Revolution & Beyond


●      Wearing Your Values – A Journey with Purpose

●      Clothing Love Stories

●      A Journey Into Men’s Sustainable Style with Dan Pontarlier

●      A Journey Into Women’s Sustainable Style with Roberta Lee

●     Discovering the Stories Behind the Brands

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution Team

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020 | Meet the Team

Once again I would love to extend my thanks and gratitude to all those involved:

●       Steve Woody, on behalf of Ethical Brand Directory for providing the webinar platform and technical website development, plugins and more! 

●       Jo Salter – chief organiser who worked full-time on the event to ensure its success

●       Claire Couchman – a key sponsor

●       Tze Ching Yeung – handling social media content creation and broader marketing

●       Eleanor Pritchard

●       Luisa Kearney

●       Ruth MacGlip

●       Izzy McLeod

●       Kamilah Sanders

●       Margarida Vasconcelos

●       Inga Grinko

Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020 | Online Event Speakers | Line up

Speakers included:

●       Natalie Bennet, The Green Party

●       Lucy Siegle – Journalist and Activist

●       Bel Jacobs and Alice Wilby, ​Extinction Rebellion

●       Georgina Wilson-Powell, ​Pebble Magazine

●      Tamsin Lejeune, Common Objective

●       Clare Lissaman, Arthur and Henry and ​Common Objective

●       Tamara Cincik, ​Fashion Roundtable

●       Brian Iselin, ​Slave Free Trade

●       Roberta Lee, ​Ethical Brand Directory  

●       Adam Siegel, ​Endless Clothing

●       Jo Salter, ​Where Does it Come From?

●       Jen Gale, Sustainable-ish

●       Sarah Montgomery, ​Everledger

●       Claire Couchman, ​Couchman Bespoke

●       Tze Ching Yeung, ​Jake and Maya

●       Tai Ford, ​Retraced

●       Laura Cave, ​British Association of Fairtrade Shops and Suppliers

●       Madhu Vaishnav, ​Saheli Women

●       Kishore Shah, ​Khadi London

We are thrilled to be able to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Fashion Revolution and the Clean Clothes Campaign!

Myself and the Ethical Brand Directory Team look forward to working with these amazing individuals and ethical brands again. We believe the key to a successful future means collaboration, together we can all help raise the awareness of a fairer, more transparent fashion industry for everybody.

Roberta Lee
Founder of Ethical Brand Directory.



Find your style twin and get shopping online at our sustainable clothes swapping events to support the Fashion Revolution all year round.

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