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We are proud to announce that you can now SHOP your values directly from a selection of our ethical brands. We’ve decided to trial out the option to allow you to purchase from a small sample of products directly from our website. Think of us as an ‘Ethical Amazon’ but will fewer options and a focus on style and quality over quantity.  All items in the shop have been tried and tested by me – these all have the Loved by RSL seal of approval. You can also see each of the brand’s values shown against each product, so you can be sure you are ‘shopping your values’ supporting the brands that are aligned with your beliefs. 

Ethical Brand Boutique is now LIVE 

Our e-commerce is in BETA and we will continue to make improvements over the coming months. We’re working to make it easier it easier for you to Shop Your Values and filter out all the noise online, showing you a highly curated selection of ethical brands that you can trust all ‘hand picked by a professional stylist’.

You can shop without the stress of needing validate the brands or waste time googling and searching multiple websites to find what you need. When it comes to timeless pieces built for a sustainable wardrobe, we have the style-conscious consumer who is ready to ‘invest’ in mind.

Shopping your values – how does it work?

To get started, we recommend you still browse the directory and use the filters to see what brands are aligned with your values and what causes you care about. When you are ready to ‘shop your values’ just head over to the Ethical Brand Boutique where you will see the products we have. Look closely at the products as you will see each one has a set of small icons which will let you know which of the EBD values the brand adheres to – allowing you to shop based on what matters most to you.

At the moment, you will need to pay for postage for each of the items you purchase from each brand – just as you would if you went directly to their website. We process the sale and then pass on the transaction to be completed by the brand, this means they are responsible for shipping your items to you directly. They are also responsible for handling any refunds and exchanges

We’d love to know what you think of our selection so far, and what other products you’d like to see featured.

Coming soon on the Ethical Brand Boutique

All seasons wardrobe staples: the simple white T-shirt & ethical underwear will be coming soon. We are also looking at some timeless summer essentials. It’s important that we provide what ‘you’ want and this is why we welcome your feedback – that way we can stock what you need, what what we ‘think’ you want.

We are always open to finding new brands to join our EBD family and we welcome recommendations – if you know of a brand who you think would be a good fit, let us know. More information about our brand membership can be seen here.

100 wears + 

All items have been selected as investment pieces and those that will work all year round unless marked as ‘seasonal’ this is an essential element of building a sustainable wardrobe. I talk a lot about shopping your values, it’s just as important that our style reflects our beliefs too – that’s why I am a big ambassador of the term ‘wearing our values’

We also believe all items should last over #100wears and we will never list any throwaway fashion trend items. Our goal is to help you find those ethical and sustainable basics, that don’t compromise in aesthetics. We want you to make it easy for you to find those pieces you want to treasure forever, so you look great and feel fantastic – and we’ll never compromise on that.  We don’t believe you have to trade in your style or in order to do good.  

We get asked a lot about why we don’t feature cheap ethical fashions brands and we’ll be honest, production of ethical and sustainable fashion isn’t cheap. Many of the ‘cheaper’ brands out there aren’t made to last. 

Cost Per Wear 

Our focus is on quality over quantity. We believe we all need to re-think the cost of our clothing and consider cost per wear, rather than focusing on the RRP.  Because of all of the pieces we promote are made to last over 100 wears, and designed to last for year – we are encouraging our boutique visitors to focus on the long term investment.  

Slow fashion is about owning less, slowing down consumption and slowing down fashion waste. We don’t expect you to buy lots of things from us all of the time.

We want you to take your time to consider what you need, what you can afford and then only buy what you’ll love and wear on repeat. 

We hope you enjoy the new boutique, we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Before I sign off, I’d also like to a big thank you members of my team that made this possible…
Big thanks to Dayna my wonderful assistant who has been instrumental at helping me coordinate all of the brands for our pilot.
And big thanks Darko one of our longest serving team members who helped us build the eCommerce capability. Thank you for always believing in me and helping me deliver on my crazy ideas in the shortest of timeframes. 

Stay safe, take care and I look forward to your feedback.

Roberta Lee
Founder of Ethical Brand Directory 



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