In today’s post, we hear from Anthony Stoker one of our EBD brands about the benefits of change, how winds of change have forced us to slow down and take stock of the world. Anthony’s poetic writing challenges us to think about how to look at the world and question if what happens is the world’s way of guiding us to where we need to be.


“I am a great friend of chaos. It’s all we have. I mean, this whole concept of being able to manage life… life is a risk, life is chance, life is being open to chance. The best things in my life, and probably in anybody’s life, come out of being open to being blown off course.” : Tilda Swinton 

I came across that quote last Saturday and wondered if… in those instances, we are actually blown ON course. 
That, like water, we flow to where we’re meant to be, to what we’re meant to do.

I visited Milan for Lineapelle in February and arrived home on the 21st. That was two days before Giorgio Armani’s brave, and wise, decision to show his collection behind closed doors. It was then I started self-isolating and social distancing voluntarily. Just to be careful. Twelve weeks later and I’ve been graciously, and gratefully, accepting the luxury of a little time for fresh air each day.

Anticipating the weather last weekend, I was strangely looking forward to being buffeted by the winds. The kind that you can lean in to. The kind that feels like it’s rippling your cheeks.

It wasn’t quite as windy as I hoped, and so I sat alone on top of one of the small hills in the park and gazed up at the clouds shifting across the sky. I thought that while we can certainly feel the effects of the clouds and the winds.  They are something we can’t really touch. 
We can feel refreshed and invigorated. We can admire and respect its power … yet can’t hold it in our hand. But we can harness its energy.


That was Saturday, the same day I read the Tilda Swinton quote at the top of this piece. 
The same day I opened up a ‘word of the day’ e-mail to find a word I’d never heard before; ‘Aeolian’. It means  ‘of or caused by the wind, wind-blown.’
I do love a series of synchronous signs.

I’d been wanting to watch ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’  for months now.  “Today is the day. Now is the time“, I told myself.
It’s a true story of overcoming adversity. Of change in difficult times. Opening eyes, and widening minds. Of the huge benefit of education. 
And a reminder of how interconnected we are to the effects of nature. 
It shows how, metaphorically speaking, rather than sheltering from the wind, we can harness the energy around us and water new seeds to be sewn. 


Whether we leave the house or just open the curtain. One thing we know is that change is for certain. 
Rather than wait for the storm to rescind how can we use the infinite wind? 
With whom to connect or how to support. To what can we dream with our cohort.
To imagine a future with an ethical call. One based on respect and works better for all.
One day at a time.

“…If only every generation would realise that the time for greatness is right now … the time to flower is now.”  – Patti Smith

Thank you for reading…and if you feel so inclined, please share with a friend who may come to mind.

Anthony Stoker




  1. Thank you for sharing this piece, Anthony! There is so much power in perspective. By simply looking at ‘change’ as a positive – rather than an obstacle – it becomes an opportunity to head in a new, unexpected…and maybe even better direction.

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