Couchman Bespoke Featured In Kuuki Yomenai Pop-Up In Paris

We are delighted to announce that one of our Ethical Brand Directory brands – Couchman Bespoke, has been featured in a new ethical pop-up concept store in Paris!  Kuuki Yomenai is an ephemeral concept store showcasing fashion for tomorrow. The entire EBD Team couldn’t be more proud of Claire Couchman, the founder behind the label, who has been a member of the EBD family for almost a year. We love to celebrate the success of our brands and support them on their journey.
We asked Claire what this opportunity means, she explained to us that ” The Kuuki Yomenai concept store is the future for ethical product display” and that she is  “super excited for the store opening and what the month will bring to Couchman Bespoke and all other brands involved” – and we can’t wait to find out either.


Ethical Brand Directory, Couchman Bespoke Featured in Kuuki Yomenai Store


We asked Claire if she could give us a bit more background on Kuuki Yomenai and she went on to say “The brands that have been selected have all chosen a cleaner, more world-friendly path within the industry. Each brand has demonstrated that they take responsible steps to make a better product for the planet and consumers”. This is something that Ethical Brand Directory truly believes in – and for 2019 we plan to introduce a simple route for all brands to follow so they can together work towards a greener, cleaner and more ethical credentials across all areas of the business.

The Kuuki Yomenai pop-up plays host to ethical clothing brands, up-cycled products and even technology.  Kuuki Yomenai makes a bold statement about consumerism, without patronising its customers.  The Kuuki Yomenai concept has morals but refrains from being patronising, instead the store offers its customers the opportunity to explore the story and the craftsmanship behind each one of the items.  This store highlights the way forward in an industry that carries the burden of the fast-fashion model that will inevitably continue to cast a shadow over its future. With more stores like this popping-up, there is hope that we can as a collective take ethical and sustainable consumerism from a niche to the norm.


Ethical Brand Directory, Couchman Bespoke Featured in Kuuki Yomenai Store


Couchman Bespoke is a contemporary men’s tailoring brand based in Canning Town, London.  They offer a collection of men’s clothing ranging from suit jackets, shirts and trousers that are made from remnant cloth or sustainably sourced cloth. Each item is carefully measured to fit and made to order making each item unique.  Claire is proud that no two pieces are ever identical- making the clothing line truly unique and of course this ensures that there is minimal fabric waste.  We all appreciate the fine art of tailoring here at EBD and admire the unique twist that Couchman Bespoke offers for men shopping for something a little different.

You can find out more about Couchman Bespoke by visiting:

Couchman Bespoke Ethical Brand Directory profile > here
The Kuuki Yomenai concept store > here

Here at EBD we continue to scout for brands that embody our values and vision for the future. If you know of a brand that deserves a place on our directory – please let us know in the comments below.

Roberta Lee
Founder of Ethical Brand Directory


Roberta is the founder of Ethical Brand Directory and Roberta Style Lee. She is a speaker, coach and sustainable stylist.

You can connect with her on Instagram: @robertastylelee @ethicalbranddirectory and on Facebook: @robertastylelee @ethicalbranddirectory


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