‘Where Does It Come From?’ All Set For An African Tale

The ethical fashion brand, best known for telling the story behind each garment, has launched its debut crowdfunding campaign to produce the first Africa-based line of tunics.

If you are tuned into the ethical fashion scene in the UK, you would know that the brand ‘Where Does It Come From?’ takes the concept of provenance seriously. Launched in 2013, this ethical fashion brand has painstakingly printed every garment with a unique code on its label that unlocks the journey from the farms where the cotton is grown to all the people who made your clothes. Not an easy task as the fashion industry struggles with tracing its complex supply chain.  However, the brand founder,  Jo Salter, is an eco-warrior in her own right. She is an avid supporter of conscious fashion that has a positive impact, not just on the people who make the clothes but the environment too. 

Ethical scarves by Where Does It Come From?


‘Where Does It Come From’ is known for its organic line of clothing for kids, shirts for adults and accessories, all made from handspun cotton in India. The brand joined the Ethical Brand Directory in the early days and has been a long-time supporter of our initiatives and events like the annual Christmas Showcase.

After launching clothing collections from India, the next stop is Africa. Jo and team are getting ready to create their first fully traceable African supply chain that goes from Uganda’s cotton farms to the tailoring of garments by a social enterprise in Malawi.

To realise this dream, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign for producing tunics for females in African prints. Excited about the new project, Jo tells us that the vibrancy of African prints is a big draw. And the choice of going with tunics was an obvious one as she wanted to create a versatile fashion item. You can find details of the crowdfunding campaign, ‘African Tunics With A Tale’ here. Choose from the two beautiful print options available and make a pledge to support the brand’s mission for transparency in fashion. The tunic will go into production in November 2018, just in time to make it to your list of ethical gifts for Christmas.

Brand founder, Jo Salter, pitches for her crowdfunding campaign

We, at Ethical Brand Directory, wish ‘Where Does It Come From?’ all success with the campaign.

It is heartening to see them chase a new milestone. After completing the first year, packed with action, EBD is also scripting its story of evolution. We’ve got some exciting new developments lined up for 2019 for both the customers who want to buy beautiful things and make a positive impact as well as lots of new initiatives to support ethical brands. That’s all we can reveal for now. Make sure you sign up to alerts to stay in the loop.

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