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Finding just the right gift for someone special is a joy. But finding a gift that is ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and also utterly unique, well that’s even better!  That’s why we came up with The Ethical Gift Box and developed a range of thoughtfully tailored gift sets that mean so much more – a gift that gives twice.

Each item sourced for our boxes is crafted using techniques and designs that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the income each artisan receives helps to support their own family and keep their ancestral traditions alive.

Each gift box is customised with care and contains a handpicked selection of bold, beautiful and stylish products that we purchase directly from source. Many items are intricately handcrafted, and all are made from either recycled or renewable materials to support sustainable living.


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The values our business is based upon are very important to us and are a part of who we are. Our combined backgrounds, working many years in environmental management and growing up in Indonesia surrounded by poverty and inequality, have instilled insight and compassion in us both. This has become the driving force behind The Ethical Gift Box and why we want to source and sell beautiful ethical gifts that give twice - gifts that give back to people and the environment. We fully support sustainability and hope to promote a more sustainable way of living with our range of thoughtfully selected gifts.

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