For October’s edition of stylists picks we were inspired by breast cancer awareness month this month and wanted to round up some of our favourite ethical and sustainable underwear brands that are best for your breasts.

Y.O.U Underwear

STYLISTS PICKS OCTOBER 2020 - You underwear image

My first pick for this month is Y.O.U underwear. Y.O.U underwear is one of our newest members, you may remember them from our 3rd birthday party back in the summer.
They make stylish and ethical underwear for all bodies. All their underwear is
made from super-soft organic, PETA-approved fair-trade cotton.

The brand name Y.O.U underwear actually stands for your own underwear, founder Sarah set the brand up with the philosophy of ‘changing the world, one pair of underwear at a time’. The brands aim is to ensure that underwear is universally available to people in all communities, that’s why they have a buy-one-give-two business model.


STYLISTS PICKS OCTOBER 2020 - Organic basics image

Organic basics is an underwear and lounge wear brand based in Denmark. Similar to Y.O.U Underwear this is another brand we have only recently added to our directory.They place sustainability at the core of everything they do as a brand, by only using fabrics that are kind to the environment and working with factories that have similar values and care about the planet.

Organic basics believe in being transparent in how their products are produced and who they work with along the way. On their website they have a run down of every factory the brand uses as well as a guarantee that all factories are adhering to proper workplace practices and treat employees with respect at all times. This includes providing them with things such as free lunch and childcare.

Part of their sustainable mission is making clothes that will last. All their items are designed to last, with simplicity and function in mind. They also insure to invest in quality fabrics and workmanship, in order to make their garments the highest quality.



Last but not least, we have AmaElla, a brand that creates timeless underwear and sleepwear classics.

AmaElla are extra kind to your bits because they only use GOTs certified cotton which saves your skin and intimate parts from contact with toxins. They also ensure that all their garments are made using responsibly produced cotton which helps save the environment from pollution, as well as helping to protect the land and livelihoods of cotton farmers.

AmaElla are not only careful about sourcing their materials they also ensure to use responsibly sourced labour. All the women involved in making AmaElla underwear are fairly paid, treated with respect and work in conditions which are regularly monitored and kept up to standard.

I really hope you enjoyed this month’s instalment of stylists picks and found some of my suggestions useful.

Let me know your favourite in the comments and what you would like to see in next month’s stylists’ picks. And don’t forget to check your breasts!


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