An interview with Lovorika

In today’s Interview we speak with Daphna Rowe, founder of Lovorika as she reveals all about her plant-based, gender neutral Scent Lifestyle brand rooted in natural perfumery and sustainable aromatherapy.

Thank you for wanting to be part our exclusive network. What were your reasons for joining us and investing in the Ethical Brand Directory / Academy and community?

In today’s Ethical Brand Directory interview we meet Daphna the founder of Lovorika. After interviewing Daphna and her husband and finding out all about the ethics behind their business, we were delighted to welcome this ethical perfumery brand our community and directory.

Lovorika offer an alternative luxury fragrance line in a range of gender neutral scents, that are kind to your skin, other people, animals and the planet. They also offer bespoke workshops for all kinds of events, as well as offering individuals the VIP experience where they can create their signature scent.

What are the 3 most important things that people should know about your brand?

Our reason for joining is part righteous, part selfish. As most things in life (fragrances a good example by the way!) there needs to be a balance. The righteous reason is to become part of a like-minded community that is inspiring; that is doing something positive in this world by promoting and creating sustainable and ethical products. The selfish reason – quite honestly, is to get more exposure for our brand. We believe fragrance is the next frontier in ethical consumerism.

What was your WHY? What inspired you to set up your business?

Lovorika is an ethical fragrance company. We are rooted in the ancient art of natural perfumery, and in the modern holistic approach of aromatherapy. We create gender-neutral fragrances that are 100% plant-based, sustainable and ethical. We are the home of Dry Oil Parfum sprays, an innovative fragrance that has the health benefits of a perfume oil, yet with the non-greasy tactility of a spray.

Why is it important to be ethical in business?

  1. We are plant-based
  2. We are ethical
  3. We are sustainable

What is the link to your page on ethics on your website?

What steps are you taking to ensure your brand operates as ethically as possible?

A  few years ago, I moved into a new house – and I was allergic to the house! It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Something in the house made my face break out into swollen, itching hives. No matter what we did, we couldn’t get to the root of it. After a trip to A&E and being put on steroids, a local shopkeeper asked me if I tried the Chinese herbalist on the High St. Some herbal teas and acupuncture did the trick! Fascinated, I studied herbalism & aromatherapy – which led to natural perfumery.

How important is sustainability for businesses? What are you doing in your business to reduce your environmental impact?

We are David stepping up to Goliath. The mainstream businesses, are better funded and therefore have more marketing & advertising. They are part of the consumers’ sub-conscious behaviours and rituals. Anything that strays from this is often met with discomfort. However, this challenge can be turned into a huge selling point as independent brands have the freedom to become pioneers in their field, to evoke inspiration, and in some cases to provoke revolutionary ideals.

What are you not doing in your business but want to improve on?

We are looking to improve our packaging. Our current envelope is padded with bubbles and we’d like to find a biodegradable alternative. As the company grows we look to offer a recyclable discount, whereby costumers can return their perfume bottles to us and receive a discount on their next order. We would then clean the bottles and reuse them.We’d also love to find a non-plastic atomiser spray. We need to do more research on this!

What is the link to your page on sustainability on your website?

What is your supplier and sourcing policy?

I can’t see any reason not to be an ethical business. In the same way I wouldn’t settle for a partner who wasn’t kind or empathetic, I wouldn’t create a business that wasn’t. I won’t devote any part of my life and put my energy into something that I don’t believe in. Being an ethical business sets a high quality of standards, and hopefully this will have a ripple effect on the greater community

In 10 years from now where would you like to see the fashion/beauty/travel world? From a business and a consumer perspective

At the moment it is only my husband and I so it’s not difficult to maintain the ethics we include in our everyday lives already. As the business grows it will be important for us to create a Code of Ethics to be followed by all employees. Whenever we purchase any products from raw materials to packaging, if it is not already clearly written on the website, we send an email to ensure the products are vegan and ethically/sustainably sourced.

Do you have any favourite ethical and sustainable quotes, or any key influencers that inspire you?


Why should the general public care about supporting ethical and environmentally responsible brands?

Sustainability is a big issue – especially in natural perfumery (or any beauty product that uses natural ingredients). If not careful, some products can be sourced from poachers (in the same way there are poachers of animals, there are poachers who will pillage lands for its natural resources). We ensure, for example, that our Sandalwood (currently threatened in the wild) is sourced sustainably and from a community where the people benefit and are not exploited


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