Interview with the founder of Bambini Organic, B.Organic

In today’s interview, we talk to Anastasiia, the proud founder of Bambini Organic and B.Organic the adult clothing line, and learn more about the incredible story behind this brand that focuses on GOTS-certified baby, kids, and adult clothes, they are passionate about producing high-quality basics using 100% Organic cotton.

Thank you for wanting to be part our exclusive network. What were your reasons for joining us and investing in the Ethical Brand Directory / Academy and community?

We believe that being part of your network will let us raise more awareness among our present customers, as well as our potential ones to be more conscious about shopping and their impact on the environment, without losing the presence of quality.

Can you give me a brief overview of your brand and the type of products you sell?

Bambini Organic is a unique brand specializing in high-quality organic clothes for children from ages 0 to 12. Sustainable thinking is the core concept behind the brand of Bambini Organic. We choose only the fabrics that care for the environment and collaborate with the GOTS-certified factories concerned about their impact.
Our goal is to make our customers happy with their purchases and let them inspire their children to take care of the environment and our beautiful planet Earth.

What are the 3 most important things that people should know about your brand?

1. Behind the clothes is a big sustainable supply chain
2. We are GOTS certified
3. We create clothes for babies, kids and adults

What was your WHY? What inspired you to set up your business?

I am a mother of 2 kids, and it was terrible when my son had a skin allergy atopic dermatitis I didn’t know how to help him to make him feel comfortable and not let the allergy go worse.  I know that many mothers in the world have the same problem with their kids living in a big polluted city.   As the cotton industry is considered to be one of the dirtiest ones, I want to change it and build for all the kids a brighter future.

Organic basics for babies, kids and adults

What challenges do independent brands like yourself face?

The most challenging thing is to create Transaction Certificates and approve new logos and compositions because we are GOTS-certified. It is not easy because there are several steps of approval and each one of them is examined in detail. Another challenge is the loss of communication with certifiers, for example, they may lose our email or there are problems in their system, which can take a lot of time.

White Organic Cotton Cycling Shorts, organic basics by Bambini Organic, B.Organic

Why is it important to be ethical in business?

Its great for business to be ethical as its important to give only positive vibes to the world and its people.

What steps are you taking to ensure your brand operates as ethically as possible?

We have our own document- Code of Ethics – Business Partner Commitment, in which we also have Code of Ethics and other documents, which include mandatory instructions.
All the new employees must read them carefully and follow them.

Organic basics for adults, 100% organic cotton high quality leggings, t-shirts, socks,

How important is sustainability for businesses? What are you doing in your business to reduce your environmental impact?

We have our own documentation to ensure we operate sustainably.  Our mandatory instructions have rules, for example it covers:

  • Waste management
  • Agreements with recycling companies
  • Our goals are to use less water and electricity
  • Since we are GOTS certified we collaborate only with GOTS certified manufactures and they also have their goals, for example, they reduce the usage of recycled plastic packaging by placing more items in one bag
  • We work only FSC and PEFC certified companies for paper packaging.


What are you not doing in your business but want to improve on?

We are not minimising our printing enough. We must send scans of original documents with sign and stamp which consumes a lot of needless paper and ink

We would also like to be better at encouraging people to be more circular with their clothing for reuse, repair and recycling.

Kids organic basic clothing.

What is your supplier and sourcing policy?

We don’t have these on our website yet but we are confident with the ones we use as they are GOTS-certified cotton suppliers only and we only use FSC and PEFC certified paper suppliers.

In 10 years from now where would you like to see the fashion/beauty/travel world? From a business and a consumer perspective

We’d like to see more organic, recycled fashion, organic certified suppliers and supply chains.

Do you have any favourite ethical and sustainable quotes, or any key influencers that inspire you?

Organic Basics and The Frankie Shop.

Why should the general public care about supporting ethical and environmentally responsible brands?

Because we should take care of our legacy and protect the future for our children, not leave behind dirty footprints from our generation and pass on the problems to the next ones.

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