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With most of our usual in-person Christmas activities being cancelled due to COVID-19, it can be hard to embrace the usual festive spirit this season. That’s why we’ve worked hard to find fun and meaningful suggestions for you to get involved with as part of our Christmas 2020 Conscious Countdown calendar.

A Christmas classic is a carol service. Despite lockdown restrictions lifting, getting up close and personal with people singing may not be something you want to do this year. 

However, Crisis has organised one for us all to enjoy, safely and socially distanced (from home!). 

The virtual carol service can be accessed on either Facebook live or YouTube. It promises to be a festive night filled with music, reflections and special guests. 

Whether you are religious or not, carol services are a great way to get in the festive spirit with family and friends and give the sense of community and hope something we all could do this year. 

Attend the Crisis Christmas Carol Service 

When:  12th December 2020

Time: 6pm (UK)

Where: Online 



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Find out more here and show some support where you can for this amazing charity.

About Crisis 

Crisis Online Christmas carol service

Their work is integrated and contributes to their primary purpose of ending homelessness. The services they provide are carefully informed through decades of experience of working with homeless people. 

Crisis Charity research is driven by knowledge from working side-by-side with homeless people every day. And this influences their compelling and passionate campaigning for permanent change.

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Homelessness and loneliness at any time of the year is awful, but is far more amplified at Christmas. If you can afford to give a person warmth, a meal and somewhere to stay this year, please consider a donation. 

Donating to Crisis 

No one should be homeless and alone this Christmas. Give the gift of a Crisis Christmas and help change someone’s life. Instead of giving someone a physical gift, we think donating to a charity on their behalf is just as thoughtful.

For £28.22 you can help give someone a warm and safe Christmas.

Donate Here

Homelessness Facts 
Crisis Online Christmas carol service

When we think of ‘homeless’ people, we tend to think about those we see sleeping rough on the streets.  This is the most visible form of homelessness, however as we dug a little deeper we realised that the issue is more complex and largely hidden from sight. 

62% of respondents were hidden homeless on the day they were surveyed and 92% had experienced hidden homelessness (source: The hidden truth about homelessness, 2011).

There were an estimated 4,751 people sleeping rough in England on a single night in the Autumn of 2017. This was up by 15% in 2016 (source: Rough Sleepers Statistics Autumn 2017, England).

78,930 households were in temporary accommodation on 31 December 2017. 60,520 of these households included dependent children and/or a pregnant woman. There were 120,510 children or expected children within these families. (Statutory homelessness and prevention and relief, October to December 2016: England)
All sources of information are taken from the Crisis website: Knowledge Hub


It’s Christmas!

See what’s behind the door on our advent calendar.

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