New EBD Support Services during THE COVID- 19 pandemic

We have taken some time to think about our position and our response to E COVID-19 – and what we can do during these uncertain times.  Firstly, we recognise it’s important to focus on the facts and not get carried away with the media. These are unsettling times and we respect everyone will feel differently about the situation. We are not here to judge, we are doing what we think is best inline with advice from the WHO and the UK government.

Honestly, we aren’t sure what to say… and we don’t know what the best course of action truly is.  We do know that it is important not to panic, but to be cautious and kind to yourself and others. We have cancelled all events and are minimising all in-person interactions until we know more about the situation. Our team are prepared for remote working and we will focus on our digital platforms and using those effectively.

The best course of action we can think of is to utilise the time we have wisely, to review what we are doing at home or in our business. We propose that we use the collective power of our community whilst we experience higher levels of isolation. Let’s connect, collaborate and focus on what we ‘can do’ and positive action. 

We will get through this, and we will be stronger if we stick together.  Our concern is the safety and wellbeing of our EBD family and friends, providing you with support that is relevant, thoughtful, useful and inspiring.

We have made the decision to open up all our webinar training sessions to non-EBD members and host them for FREE.

We will be running the following sessions:

  • “What content to share during Corona and why you should stop focusing on sales” with Roberta Lee, Founder of Ethical Brand Directory
  • “Getting started with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” with Kerry Bannigan founder of Conscious Fashion Campaign
  • “How to Work from Home Effectively”
  • “10 Things You Can Do to Stay Sane during Home Isolation”
  • “Slow Down and Discover how to Source Sustainable Textiles” with Brett Matthews, Textile and Apparel industry writer 
  • “Taking the time to Understand Sustainability in the Supply Chain” with Jamie Beck, Sustainability and Supply Chain Operations Consultant
  • “Don’t stop working ON your business” with Ami Rabheru Retail Business Consultant at The Retail Business Hub
  • “The Importance of Community and Kindness” with Char Bingham-Wallice Co-Founder of From Belo

Make sure you stay updated by Joining our MAILING LIST and once we have set the dates for the webinars we will publish them on Eventbrite as well.

Stay safe, be careful and kind to yourself and others.

Roberta Lee
Founder of Ethical Brand Directory



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