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Thank you for wanting to be part our exclusive network. What were your reasons for joining us and investing in the Ethical Brand Directory / Academy and community?

We always partner with like-minded platforms and agents who share the same values and vision as we do. We believe together we will have a stronger voice to create change.

Can you give me a brief overview of your brand and the type of products you sell?

We’re a Copenhagen based brand specialising in underwear, everyday basics, and activewear produced with sustainable methods.

What are the 3 most important things that people should know about your brand?

At Organic Basics, we work towards making the future of fashion more sustainable by ensuring that all the processes and activities are done in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

What was your WHY? What inspired you to set up your business?

Organic Basics was founded by Christoffer Immanuel, Mads Fibiger, and Alexander Christiansen. They are from the same town, Aarhus, Denmark. The guys didn’t have a lot of experience in the fashion industry and no dots were connected but Organic Basics was born anyway. For them, it was about trying to build a simple, responsible, quality clothing brand that people could relate to.

Organic Basics Bralette
Organic Basics Bralette

What challenges do independent brands like yourself face?

We face similar challenges to the majority of the fashion industry, especially in light of the current COVID-19 supply chain situation, however, our difference is that we’re always willing to problem solve and stay true to our sustainable values.

Organic Basics Active Muscle Tank
Organic Basics Active Muscle Tank

Why is it important to be ethical in business?

At Organic Basics, we work towards making the future of fashion more sustainable by ensuring that all the processes and activities are done in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. If all businesses do the same, our planet will be safe.

What steps are you taking to ensure your brand operates as ethically as possible?

We always partner with factories that produce garments more ethically. We look for certifications like GOTS, SEDEX, SA8000 and more in order to validate that they are making things the right way. For us it’s also about supporting grassroots environmental initiatives through our Organic Basics Fund. We’re a certified 1% for the planet member which means that we dedicate at least 1% of our online sales to environmental causes.

Organic Basics Shirts
Organic Basics Shirts

How important is sustainability for businesses? What are you doing in your business to reduce your environmental impact?

The fashion industry is dirty. So we put sustainable thinking at the center of everything – that means we only choose fabrics that care for our environment and we only ever partner with factories that care about their impact, too.
When we say sustainability is our core mission we don’t mean that sustainability is nice to have – we mean that it’s the only way we act.

What are you not doing in your business but want to improve on?

We can’t trace our cotton back to the farm because the cotton in Turkey is sold on auctions – we’re working together with our suppliers to address this. We’re missing a full ingredient list for chemicals – it’s oftentimes considered confidential information to give out the chemical recipe. We currently do not have a system in place to take back our product lines for end of life recycling or repurposing. That’s something we really want to figure out.

Organic Basics Lite Bralette
Organic Basics Lite Bralette

What is your supplier and sourcing policy?

We only work with trusted, certified factory partners – these are the good guys. They have the same sustainable vision as us – and follow it through by continuously reducing their environmental footprint. These factories also ensure that their workplace is free of child labor and forced labor, their workers are surrounded in a safe working space, paid a living wage, offered employee perks like free lunch and childcare – and of course, they are treated with respect at all times.

In 10 years from now where would you like to see the fashion/beauty/travel world? From a business and a consumer perspective

Conscious consumers and businesses that care for our planet and put sustainability in the center of their decisions.

Do you have any favourite ethical and sustainable quotes, or any key influencers that inspire you?

David Attenborough has always been a great inspiration.

Why should the general public care about supporting ethical and environmentally responsible brands?

It’s the only way to ensure a sustainable and fair future on planet earth.

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