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I absolutely love Vintage stores, they take me back to a simpler time where exploring clothes and assembling outfits was fun. In my twenties I used to spend my weekends browsing the Vintage stores in east London and rummaging for vintage pirate boots, 80’s handbags and waist cinching belts. I definitely had my fair share of ‘vintage’ which I was able to sell on again once I had grown tired of it.
The best thing about vintage shops is that buying vintage and pre-loved extends the life of clothing and prevents them going to landfill before their time. As a recent convert to a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, I have become incredibly conscious of clothing waste – so much so, that I have only allowed myself to buy pre-loved items (if absolutely needed) within my 12-month clothes shopping detox.

And another great thing about buying from vintage shops is that you are more likely to find truly unique items.

Vintage shopping tip: Don’t be put off if the item doesn’t fit perfectly (remember you are uniquely shaped, so why should it fit?) if it’s been made well, good seems and well constructed then it will fare well with a tailor.


Check out our Vintage Stores Map

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The Ethical Brand Directory has just launched our first map in ‘beta’ to help you navigate your way around London.  Unfortunately London has a high turnover of shops closing down, so always check before travelling to the shop that they are still open for business. That’s why we’ve added the phone numbers if they are available.


Enjoy shopping ‘Vintage’ in London!

If you’ve discovered any great new vintage store that you think we should add, pop their name and address in the comments.


Roberta Lee
Founder of the Ethical Brand Directory and Sustainable Stylist 




Meet our founder Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Stylist

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