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Sundrop Jewelry

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About Sundrop Jewelry

Sundrop Jewelry create elegant, sun-melted glass earrings for women who love colour and the Earth. With the help of sunshine and a giant magnifying glass, recycled bottles and stained glass are turned into elegant droplets, set in recycled sterling silver. Shipping worldwide from my the founders studio in Berkeley, California.

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Glass Melting:
This is done using an eco friendly, giant magnifying glass that magnifies the sunlight up to 3000°F

Where the Glass Comes From:
Skyy Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Tanqueray Gin, Jagermeister, and various wine and beer bottles are recycled and melted for many of the blues, greens and brown jewellery options. However, glass bottle colours are limited, so stained glass provides the rest of the rainbow. .

Recycled Sterling Silver:
After finishing the glass droplet, each Sundrop is attached to a recycled sterling silver wire to form a securely attached loop from which to suspend the droplets. All silver findings are made from Argentium sterling silver, 100% recycled.

Recycled Jewelry Cards:
Paper has a surprisingly large environmental impact, so each piece of jewelry comes on a card made of 100% recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink, which carries the story of how Sundrops are made – perfect for gifts, or just as a reminder that we can all do a little to reduce our impact and save our beautiful planet.


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