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Jia de Lara

Ethical & Sustainable Luxury Footwear

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About Jia de Lara

Jia de Lara create beautiful shoes that don’t compromise on ethics or sustainability. Their mission is to bring you environmentally conscious footwear that pushes the boundaries of pioneering technology, without ever compromising on style.

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Ethics & Sustainability Overview

Uncompromising in beautiful design and ethical practice, Jia de Lara state that they are setting a new industry standard (but don’t offer much insight into what that is exactly). They are proud to be on track to reach 100% carbon negative across all their operations. They are honest about always learning, experimenting and improving – bit don’t yet have any reporting or bench marks on their website.

Useful Links & Supporting Evidence of Ethical Practices

Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information

Jia de Lara fish skin fabrics are an Icelandic by-product from non-endangered species. They work with carbon-neutral, ocean-friendly suppliers whose production processes recycle water and eliminate waste, while harnessing renewable geothermal and hydroelectric energy. Their suppliers are Global Gap, MSC, & ASC-certified. Jia de Lara creations are made from 90% recycled by-products, using sustainable and ethically verified materials.

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Areas For Development:

Communication on the website could be clearer which includes:

  • More detail around workers’ rights, living wages and safe working conditions in the supply chain.
  • A page that details sustainability and what actions are being taken by Jai de Lara to ‘be innovative’ in footwear design, and what is it that is being done to reduce their environmental impact?
  • Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals.

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