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Haus Dahlia

Made To Order Size Inclusive

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About Haus Dahlia

Haus Dahlia is a sustainable size inclusive fashion brand, exploring the connection between historical and modern fashion. Haus Dahlia plays with the idea of the shared female and queer experience. Making handmade garments such corsets, that have touched the lives of many through history, to pay homage to traditional sewing skills. As well as ideas of liberation, romance and education.

Founded by Emma Webster, proud alumni of London College of Fashion, Haus Dahlia is focused on sustainable creations. Every piece is made from sustainable or deadstock materials, mindfully chosen from local textile businesses in London. Ethically made by Emma, each garment is also meticulously designed with plus size bodies in mind. Being plus size herself Emma understands the importance of size inclusivity in the industry, and is proud to advocate for more representation across the whole.

Haus Dahlia is also proud to be a supporter of garment worker rights, anti-fast fashion, and a safe space for women and the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate fun and interesting fashion.

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Ethics & Sustainability Overview

Haus Dahlia prioritises sustainability, using recyclable paper for pattern cutting and packaging, including thank you cards and stickers. Emma, the sole member of their team, ensures fair wages, with seamstresses earning £20 per hour. Mark-up fees cover essential expenses like studio rent and equipment, detailed on their Instagram. Starting October 2023, they partner with FibreLab, recycling waste from orders and collections into stuffing or paper. Plans for 2024 include using recycled scraps as packaging materials, completing their journey towards a fully circular approach.

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Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information

Their main supplier is Ray Stitch, much of their certified organic cotton comes from India and is produced by a very small family run producer; the bamboo which makes their bamboo silk, which is used regularly is produced on a farm in China which has been an organic producer for many years; their linen, which is produced in Europe. All of these fabrics come directly to Ray Stitch from source.

Material is also source from Liberty London, and use their Tana Lawn Fabric for my printed pieces. They are part of and certified in the BCI, GOTS, GRS, FSC and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® – CLASS 1. And they are also members of the Ethical Trading Initiative in the UK.

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Areas For Development:

Haus Dahlia is a small but wonderfully intentional brand, all made to order.  Areas of improvement however would be:

  • Easily accessible information (at all times) on the website.
  • More information on care and repair of garments and end-of-life/recycling.
  • Aligning core activities with the Sustainable Development Goals would help with impact reporting in the future.


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