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Global Mamas

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About Global Mamas

Global Mamas is an ethical fashion non-profit that partners with hundreds of talented women creating handcrafted products across Ghana, West Africa. Founded in 2003 with the goal of creating greater prosperity for African women and their families, the organisation has grown from 6 founding women, to supporting 300+ with their present-day production. In addition to crafting high-quality goods in a bold, colourful aesthetic, they hold themselves to the highest ethical standards with both human and environmental impact, operating with complete transparency at every level of the supply chain.

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Global Mamas is a full member of the The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) a trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organisations committed to fair trade practices.

Global Mamas is recognised as a fair trade manufacturer and distributor. This distinction was granted after a thorough investigation of their business practices to ensure the African women who comprise the Global Mamas producer network are the primary beneficiaries of proceeds from product sales.

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