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About Belo

Inspired by natural beauty, the global community and the unstoppable modern woman, Belo’s mission is to feed goodness into the world.
Every product in their range is thoughtfully designed to empower women to better live their busy, modern lifestyles and leave the earth a better place than we found it.

They pride themselves in giving ethical working conditions and fair wages to the artisans they work with, as well as being resourceful and using recycled materials destined for landfill, transforming things like seatbelts into beautiful new bags and accessories. Each item sold at Belo provides 2 to 6 meals to Casa De Maria, which helps feed the homeless and those in need in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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Brand Values

Fair Trade

Ethics & Sustainability Overview

All Belo products are made using waste materials that were otherwise destined for landfill, such as seat belts, fabric offcuts and tyre inner tubes. From using all hydroelectric power in their workshops and making wallets from their offcuts to only making products in small batches to reduce surplus stock, Belo always looks for ways to be a kinder business.

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Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information

Belo’s aim is to minimize the effect they have on the environment. All the leather used is dead stock from local industries therefore they limit their demand on natural resources. Each piece of leather is carefully selected to ensure we maintain a high standard of quality.

Textiles are all formed from recycled fabrics and plastic bottles (including those used in packaging) are all recycled to EU standards, using a process that is chemical and water free, with zero CO2 emissions.

Roberta Lee Sustainable Stylist London

Thoughts from Sustainable Stylist Roberta Lee

My favourite bag is the classic backpack that converts into a shoulder bag. However for those who want to a little more ‘edge’ the recycled seatbelt bags are perfect for the urban fashionista. They come in a range of more practical sizes for everything from festivals, to doing your shopping, and nights out!

You can get more styling tips and sustainable shopping advice from our founder over at robertastylelee.co.uk

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