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BareLUXE skincare

Plant-Based Luxury Skincare Made in the US

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About BareLUXE skincare

BareLUXE is a US based skincare brand that creates plant-based luxury skincare products.

They passionately believe that the beauty industry can build communities and leave the earth healthier for the next generation. BareLUXE are also working hard to revolutionise the cosmetics packaging industry and eliminate plastic and micro-plastics.

Mission: To develop plant-based,luxury skincare products that are effective while working to revolutionise the cosmetics packaging industry.

Product Highlights

Brand Values

Natural Materials
Not Tested on Animals

Ethics & Sustainability Overview

BareLUXE core values are safety, effectiveness, quality, and sustainability. Their ingredients are sourced ethically and they give back to the community. They also acknowledge the traditional history and cultural significance of the ingredients used and state that they never prioritise profits over values. Their products are tested clinically or in the real-world on people, never on animals. However they do lack detail around this on their website.

Useful Links & Supporting Evidence of Ethical Practices

Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information

BareLUXE website states that their Goals are: plastic-free ~ fully biodegradable – compostable ~ recyclable ~ no micro-plastics. They say they don’t use ingredients with significant health or safety uncertainty or agricultural controversy. They avoid “Free From” advertising and focus on what they do put in their products. More information can be found on their blog – Elevated Simplicity.

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Areas For Development:

Communication on their website could be better signposted:

  • A clear sustainability page that details what sustainability looks like for BareLUXE and the steps they are taking
  • A clear ethical production page, detailing worker welfare, living wages and supplier audits
  • Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals


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