7 Ethical Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 16th of June this year and to help you out we’ve curated a selection of perfect presents. It’s time to show some love and appreciation to good old poppa bear, and we’ve rounded up some ethical options to make it easy to give him a gift, that really shows you care.

1. Fathers Day Gift for Travelling Dad

Zero Waste Wash Bag Gift Set

We’ve selected this zero waste gift set for busy dads who travel a lot for work. Help dad look good, and do good by keeping plastic at bay. This set is perfect whilst he’s busy and on the go.

This ethical and eco friendly travel bag gift set contains:

  • A wash bag made from recycled inner tube
  • A choice of 6 climate change themed soaps,
  • A bottle of blackberry & whisky straight from the hedgerows of Kent
  • A fair trade hand-spun cotton flannel
  • All finished off with a chocolate button (indicate at checkout whether you want milk or dark chocolate)

This gift box is sold by Ethical Gift Box for £37.75

Visit Website to Buy

2. Fathers Day Gift for Zen Dad

Rich blue handwoven Khunn fabric iPad case

We’ve selected this lovely rich blue accessory to help Dad keep his iPad safe, and his mind chilled.

This Ethical iPad cover is special because :

  • It’s made using handwoven rich Khunn fabric
  • By buying this product it creates a demand for weavers’ looms and helps preserve the local artisanal skills (how great is that?!)
  • Buy purchasing this iPad cover you help provide the weavers and artisans with sustainable livelihoods
  • And for then inner Zen in your dad, this will makes a great statement piece. Remind him to gaze into the print to relax his mind and shut out all the noise. Namaste.

This iPad case is sold by Ethiqana for £15.50

3. Fathers Day Gift for Road Biking Dad

Handcrafted cycling and Tour de France cufflinks

We’ve selected these unusual cufflinks due to their bold colour and minimalist design. Any road bike loving Dads, or those who get excited when it’s Tour de France, will be delighted to receive these

Tour De France Cuff Links :

  • Are the 14mm x 14mm in size
  • With standard silver plated T bar link fasteners
  • They are made by a company called Koa who are a small but highly ethical jewellery business based on the south coast of Wales.
  • They use recycled base metals, and a highly durable range of colourful resins. Everything is handmade.
  • The 95% of the tin content in their pewter comes from recycled electrical goods.

These Tour De France Cufflinks are sold by Ethical Market for £25

4. Fathers Day Gift for Dapper Dads

Beautiful bowtie made by artisans

We’ve selected these beautiful bowtie because of it’s beautiful colours and timeless design. Make Dad feel like he has the luck of the gods by wearing this bowtie.

What makes the TTZIKIN Bowtie special?

  • It is named after Tz’ikin – the intermediary between God and man, between heaven and earth.
  • Inspired by the ‘Bird keeper’ of all the lands of the Maya area.
  • He he wears it represents: freedom, the messenger, the treasure, luck and money, global awareness and represents the sacred vision.
  • The bowtie is created by Mayan textiles made by artisans in various indigenous communities.

This beautiful TTZIKIN bowtie is sold by Korβáta for $40

5. Fathers Day Gift for Casual Cool Dads

Black & Charcoal Grey Split Striped Organic Cotton T-Shirt

We’ve selected this unusual Black & Charcoal Grey Split Striped Organic Cotton abstract T-shirt due to it’s awesome ethical credentials and super slick lines. For the casual Cool Dads that love graphic design and architecture, they’ll appreciate the symmetry and contemporary twist on the classic striped T-shirt.

Why this Black & Charcoal Grey Split Striped Organic Cotton T-Shirt?

Impress Dad with these awesome T-shirt credentials:

  • This striped t-shirt is made using organic GOTS certified cotton jersey yarn. GOTS is a certification that proves there is a minimum of 95% organic cotton involved in the product, read up on the GOTS website, here.
  • The fabric & garment is ethically made in Portugal.
  • The factory making the fabric is also OEKO TEX-100 approved, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used .

This cool Black & Charcoal Grey Split Striped Organic Cotton T-shirt is sold by Oisin for £35.00

6. Fathers Day Gift for Adventure Dads

Smartie is a black, very strong vegan belt, made from a scrap bicycle tyre.

We’ve selected this sturdy upcycled belt for active adventurous Dads. Perfect for mountain bikers and those who enjoy being outdoors in nature and aren’t worried about splashes of mud. Surprise Dad with a belt that is boisterous and vegan.

Why buy a Smartie belt?

  • Due to the nature of working with upcycled materials and the creative process – no two Laura Zabo pieces are ever the same.
  • Each piece is unique, like your Dad
  • Long lasting and durable.

This handmade bicycle tyre belt is sold by Laura Zabo for £42.00

6. Fathers Day Gift for Urban & Edgy Dads

Brushed Organic Cotton Shirt

We’ve selected this timeless shirt for the urban father who wants to look good and do good too – but in an understated way. Relaxed, uncomplicated and a perfect addition to any urban and edgy Dad’s wardrobe.

Why buy this Brushed Organic Cotton Shirt?

  • Well, firstly its made in London (Tottenham Hale to be precise)
  • It’s 100% Organic cotton flannel
  • Brushed both sides for extra comfort
  • It sports Corozo nut buttons (oh yeah….)
  • It comes equipped with a concealed sunglasses pocket (move over James Bond).

This organic brushed cotton shirt is sold by Lyme Terrace for £99

Roberta is the founder of Ethical Brand Directory and Roberta Style Lee. She is a speaker, coach and sustainable stylist.  You can connect with her on Instagram: @robertastylelee and on Facebook: @robertastylelee 


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