Frances Fay Going Green 2019 Speaker - Al Gore Climate Change

Going Green in 2019 with sustainability expert Frances Fay

In today’s interview find out more about Frances Fay one of our Going Green 2019 speakers, who is an experienced sustainability professional, and Climate Reality Leader. Her mission is to help businesses to understand the risks and urgency of climate change and to support them in making bold decisions to act of that information.

She recently spent 3 days at with former Vice President Al Gore and world-renowned scientists and communicators learning about the climate crisis and how together we can solve it.

Thanks for supporting GG2019, what were your reasons for wanting to get involved this year?

I have always had an interest in the environment, and sustainability. This year I was honoured to be selected to attend Vice President Al Gore’s climate reality leadership corp training, which aims to arm attendees with the knowledge and skills to communicate the urgency for change. GG2019 comes just after my training, and want to take the opportunity to share my learnings and the experience with others.

Where is home for you?

Roydon, Essex

How easy is it to live sustainably where you live and work?

I live in a small village, but has great transport links and a strong sense of community. I work in London so travel by train / foot power each day. My role is sustainability and corporate responsibility, so part of my role is to support and enable the business to operate in a sustainable manner, and encourage positive behaviours.

What’s the hardest thing about living sustainably?

Practising what you preach. It’s easy to be lazy and think it doesn’t matter just this once – it does matter.

Frances Fay Going Green 2019 Speaker - Al Gore Climate Change
Frances Fay Working with other Sustainability Professionals for a better tomorrow

What’s small change in your life has made a big impact so far?

Reducing plastics in the house (glass sauce bottles, use of sodastream, stainless steel straws). Discussing the reasons why I have made these changes to my children has led them to question other areas, and also challenge friends and family on their plastics use.

If you could have 3 eco-wishes granted what would they be?

1) Our lifestyles change from a throw away convenience culture, to one where we consider about where our food / clothes etc come from in our decisions
2) Every person understands and takes personal action on what they need to do (personally, and collectively) to ensure we live within our planetary boundaries
3) Renewables are the main source of power across the globe

Who is your sustainability hero and why?

At the moment I would have to say Al Gore, his passion and commitment is unwavering.

Frances Fay Going Green 2019 Speaker - Al Gore Climate Change
Frances Fay at the Climate Reality Project

Where do you hope we (as a collective on planet earth) will be by 2025?

I hope that we are living in a world where we live within the boundaries of our planet, and that we have raised our social levels globally.

And finally what will be your Going Green Pledge be for 2019?

Waste less – generally, stop buying unnecessary items, continue to look for alternatives to plastic packaging, and reduce energy wastage.

Frances Fay Going Green 2019 Speaker - Al Gore Climate Change
Frances Fay

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