Roberta Lee - Sustainable Style Expert

Going Green in 2019 with Roberta Lee, Personal Stylist & Sustainable Style Expert

In today’s interview find out more about our founder Roberta Lee, a personal stylist and sustainable style expert, also founder of Roberta Style Lee the main sponsor of Ethical Brand Directory.

We’ve worked hard to round up amazing individuals to take part in this important event – we hope to inspire people from around the globe to take action at home, in their place of business and of course in their wardrobe.

Let’s get to know Roberta a little better…

Thank you for organising GG2019, what were your reasons for wanting to do it again this year? 

I organised Going Green 2018 last year without any real intention of it becoming an annual event. I run events to raise awareness, but I also know how damaging events can be for the environment, so I knew I needed to leverage technology. With the new sense of urgency from the general public about saving our planet – I was super keen to do a Going Green Online Summit again. I think people are more open to it now.

This year I wanted even more changemakers involved (last year there were 8 of us), I love collaborations like this because I believe we are stronger when we work together. Plus I don’t know everything, so it’s important to recognise my knowledge and skills gaps and get the experts to come in and talk about those.

Where is home for you? 

North London – I retreated to the suburbs about 5-years ago.

Roberta Lee - Personal Stylist and Sustainable Style Expert
Roberta Lee – Personal Stylist and Sustainable Style Expert

How easy is it to live sustainably where you live and work? 

I think North London is getting much better, perhaps not my borough for things like organic food shopping and going plastic free, but there are places to go I am am prepared to travel. I’ve noticed local groups raising awareness of sustainability and running events, I think it will get easier.

What’s the hardest thing about living sustainably?

Having to be extra organised and allocating extra time to shop, research and budget for the more expensive things. Then of course comes the guilt, and I feel like I’m never really doing enough.

I created Ethical Brand Directory in 2017 as a resource to help people find ethical and sustainable fashion, so that I could expel the myth that ethical fashion was frumpy, unaccessible or too expensive.

Roberta Lee - Personal Stylist and Sustainable Style Expert
Roberta Lee – Personal Stylist and Sustainable Style Expert

What small change in your life has made a big impact so far? 

Focusing on my attitude towards clothes. Fashion has been a huge part of my life and I regret being a fast fashion junkie and being so wasteful with clothes for so many years. I gave up buying fast-fashion back in 2016/2017- I did a year of buying nothing new (and have continued in that same vein). Now I know my personal style it’s easier to stay focused and only buy something new when I really need it.

This has meant a massive reduction in the clothes I have purchased in the past 3-years. I also don’t buy or accept gifts for things I don’t need. I see a lot of women who are all ‘for the environment’ but they don’t focus on having great style – I think if you’re going to inspire the masses to change their habits they have to look at you and relate to you.

If you could have 3 eco-wishes granted what would they be? 

1. To be able to see the damage we’ve done to the planet reversed in my lifetime
2. That all new things are made with a circular economy in mind
3. That government legislation will be fast-tracked and put in place so that all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved sooner.
Sustainable Styling With Roberta Lee

Who is your sustainability hero and why? 

Livia Firth has been my hero for a long time. Her work at Eco Age, the Green Carpet Challenge,and that she came up with the #30wears concept have inspired me to look at fashion as a force for good.

Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough are my recent heros. The impact they have both had by speaking out about climate change has been incredible. I also love that they are at the opposite of the age spectrum and both very active and achieving so much. It’s never too late or too early to get started!

Where do you hope we (as a collective on planet earth) will be by 2025? 

I would love to see that being ethical and sustainable is the norm. But until then, seeing all households, schools, colleges, businesses, all groups and organisations, governments treat saving our planet as their no.1 priority, proactively protecting and preserving it for future generations.

Of course a lot needs to change by then to ensure its easier for us all to make the right choices, it has to be accessible and affordable for all.

And finally what will be your Going Green Pledge be for 2019?

I’ve pretty much got the sustainable wardrobe covered, next up is to reduce my use of non-recyclable plastic on the go and around the house.

Going Green 2019 with Roberta Lee, Stylist, Speaker, Coach
Roberta Lee

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The event kicks off at 6pm and finishes around 10pm – all you need is WiFi to join us. 

Roberta will be speaking during the Sustainable fashion segment from 6 -7pm and again at 8-9pm at the Going Green 2019 Online Summit.

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