Going Green Speaker 2019 - Rob Wylie

Going Green in 2019 with Rob Wylie

In today’s interview find out more about Dr Rob Wylie one of our Going Green 2019 speakers, who has been investing in resource efficiency sectors for over 30 years. He is co-founder and Chairman of a number of impact investment firms including WHEBCambridge Agritech and Five Seasons VC.

Rob is our Trusted Advisor for Ethical Brand Directory and provides us with guidance regarding all investment, funding and sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you for supporting Going Green 2019, what were your reasons for wanting to get involved this year? 

I have spent most of my life trying to help others create environmental businesses to address climate change

Where is home for you? 


How easy is it to live sustainably where you live and work? 

Not bad as there is good public transport and for international work I only travel when absolutely necessary

What’s the hardest thing about living sustainably? 

Dealing with plastic packaging

Going Green Speaker 2019 - Rob Wylie
Rob Wylie Speaking in Estonia

What small change in your life has made a big impact so far? 

Having children and grandchildren

If you could have 3 eco-wishes granted what would they be? 

1. Corporates wake up to the urgency of the problem
2. Governments do the same
3. All those pushing the climate change agenda cooperate rather than compete

Who is your sustainability hero and why? 

David Attenborough, of course, because of his passion for the natural world.

Where do you hope we (as a collective on planet earth) will be by 2025? 

In a stable position environmentally with recognition that unless the disparity between the rich and poor is being addressed then the task for a stable planet will be much harder

And finally what will be your Going Green Pledge be for 2019?

Uber less – tube more (I don’t have a bike!)

Going Green Speaker 2019 - Rob Wylie
Dr Rob Wylie

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