Linda Thomas Going Green 2019 Speaker

Going Green in 2019 with Linda from Linda Thomas Eco Design

In today’s interview find out more about Dr Linda Thomas, one of our speakers who is an eco fashion designer with a passion for upcycling.

Linda won young designer of Nottingham in the late 1980s, and then went on to study Medicine. After a 20 year career as a doctor, Linda now shares her professional time between healing and designing. Her brand Linda Thomas Eco Design specialises in designing beautiful, colourful clothes that appeal to the head and heart.

Thank you for supporting Going Green 2019, what were your reasons for wanting to get involved this year?

I believe we have reached a crucial time and it becomes ever more urgent to not just walk the talk but to chat along the way. Passionate education leading to action.

Where is home for you?

Bristol, UK

Linda Thomas Going Green 2019 Speaker
Linda at work curating her eco-bridal gowns

How easy is it to live sustainably where you live and work?

Really great, it is a green city and it gets ever easier to support local, organic, ethical and zero waste businesses here.

What’s the hardest thing about living sustainably?

Plastic everywhere. Even though I focus on avoiding it, I still get plastic waste e.g. tofu packaging.

What small change in your life has made a big impact so far?

Stopping Flying 13 years ago. For most of us that is our single biggest negative impact on the Planet.

Linda Thomas Going Green 2019 Speaker
Linda at work

If you could have 3 eco-wishes granted what would they be?

1. That the blame and shame stopped and we used our collective hearts and minds to address this Climate Emergency.

2. Addressing Carbon. Global Reforestation coupled with Fossil Fuels rapidly phased out.

3. That things in shops could tell their whole story: for example if you picked up a pair of jeans to buy, it would say how the cotton was grown and by who, who stitched them etc.

Who is your sustainability hero and why?

I am inspired by many past and present. Living would be Safia Minney as she lead the way addressing the issue of people and the environment.

Where do you hope we (as a collective on planet earth) will be by 2025?

Awake and kind, healing our relationship with ourselves and the Planet with an increase in biodiversity and reforestation and an end to slavery.

And finally what will be your Going Green Pledge be for 2019?

To be Flight Free and to share flight free travel tips

Linda Thomas Going Green 2019 Speaker
Linda Thomas

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The event kicks off at 6pm and finishes around 10pm – all you need is WiFi to join us. 

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Linda will be speaking during the #EthicalLiving segment during our Going Green 2019 Online Summit, you can catch her talk about ‘Plastic pollution and our waste issue ’ – during the 8.50- 9.40pm slot.

This interview was created by the EBD Team – you can find out more about our team and what we do here

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