Going Green 2019 - Speaker Georgina Wilson Powell

Going Green in 2019 with Georgina from Pebble Magazine

In today’s interview we find out more about Georgina Wilson-Powell a speaker for our upcoming Online Summit, who is a journalist and founder of one of our favourite eco-resources: Pebble magazine

Thanks for supporting GG2019, what were your reasons for wanting to get involved this year?

Pebble’s 2019 campaign is around #everydayactivism which ties in nicely to everything Going Green is about and it’s also about us stepping up and sharing the knowledge and expertise we have learnt over the last 3-years to help other people go green in endless different ways.

Where is home for you?


Georgina Wilson Powell in action

How easy is it to live sustainably where you live and work?

In Margate it’s a lot easier. I walk to work, I spend a lot of time outside by the sea with a reusable cup filled with tea and it’s easier to remember to have leftovers, non plastic lunchboxes and support local businesses. When I’m in London and rushing around I end up eating takeaway lunches that often come in plastic, but it’s something I’m working on.

What’s the hardest thing about living sustainably?

Feeling like what you’re doing is actually making an impact.

Georgina Wilson Powell being Green!

What small change in your life has made a big impact so far?

I don’t buy fast fashion – and haven’t done for the last 2 years. I think it’s made me think differently about clothes, consumption and consumerism. I don’t get involved in mainstream fashion trends, new edits etc and prefer to shop for things that are timeless.

If you could have 3 eco-wishes granted what would they be?

  • That everyone could have that wake up/Blue Planet moment and be inspired to change their own lives.
  • That industries like the fashion industry stopped endlessly producing just more stuff
  • That we could reverse climate change in my lifetime.
Georgina Wilson Powell - Going Green 2019 Speaker
Georgina standing up for respect and kindness

Who is your sustainability hero and why?

At the moment, Greta Thurnberg – the 16 year old climate strike activist. She’s incredible.

Where do you hope we (as a collective on planet earth) will be by 2025?

Hopefully we’ll have a complete change of heart at the top levels of power and starting seeing climate change as the global emergency it is rather than continue to ignore it. We have the power to change our systems, even political ones, so let’s get on and make a change.

And finally what will be your Going Green Pledge be for 2019?

I’m speaking up more about what I believe and setting an example of how you can be an #everydayactivist. I’m also tackling food waste at home.

Going Green 2019 - Georgina Wilson Powell
Georgina Wilson Powell

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