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An Interview with the Co-Founders of Talula Little

In today’s Ethical Brand Directory interview I chat to Lisa and Aviv the co-founders of Talula Little, a family ran, positive lifestyle fashion brand for tiny tots.

Talulah Little has reimagined children’s clothes with a comfortable yoga twist. Designed for active little ones without compromising on quality, (using GOTs certified organic cotton) for comfort, or compromising on cuteness for ethics.

Meet the co-founders of Talula Little

Thank you for wanting to be part our exclusive network. What were your reasons for joining us and investing in the Ethical Brand Directory and our community?

We want to be part of a community that share our ethos and commitment to sustainability. From a business point of view, we would also like to be more discoverable to consumers that share our vision.

Can you give our readers a brief overview of your brand and the type of products you sell?

We are family run, UK based and sell ethically and sustainably sourced baby and toddler clothing. All Talula Little products are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. We promote Yoga through fashion as all our clothes are yoga inspired designs and we offer free post natal yoga.

Blue Organic Baby Yoga Clothes
Cute and GOTS certified organic clothes for babies and tiny tots

What are the 3 most important things that your people should know about your brand?

  • We wholeheartedly believe that a healthy and positive lifestyle is the key to living well. Which is why we promote yoga through fashion and offer free yoga to new mums.
  • We are fully transparent and fair-trade, GOTS Certification is very important to us and we wear that badge with pride. Our clothes are perfect for soft delicate skin.
  • Our first project combines all that we love the most – practicality, a holistic lifestyle and ethical mindfulness.

What was your WHY? What inspired you to set up your business?

For many years we dreamed about contributing to the community in some way, raising our little bubba gave us the push to finally grow a small business baby, Talula Little. She suffered with Eczema, and we found organic clothes made a world of difference.

Having our daughter brought to light how important it is to take care of our planet (even more so) so Organic was a no brainer for us when we decided to move forward with baby clothes.

Yoga is also close to our heart so we were adamant to promote yoga.

Pink Organic Baby Yoga Clothes
Pretty in pink GOTS certified organic clothes for yoga babies and tiny tots

What challenges do independent brands like yourself face?

It’s hard to get recognised and discovered. We are constantly told to come back when more established but we need a platform. Being new to the industry has also presented many learning challenges and we are developing all the time. Of course cash flow is a huge aspect as we have used our personal money to launch the business.

Why is it important to be ethical in business?

Its our planet. We need to care for it. Not only that but the people involved in the process matter. We are a fully transparent business and pride ourselves on not hiding any of the processes involved. We hope that over time consumers will demand the same from the big brands and high street names. You have to be part of the change to make it happen.

What steps are you taking to ensure your brand operates as ethically as possible?

We are GOTS Certified. We have also visited the factory ourselves and met with the workers and seen the working environment. We plan to make yearly trips. We use absolutely no plastic and all products are compostable, reseal or recyclable.How important is sustainability for businesses?

What are you doing in your business to reduce your environmental impact?

Sustainability should be everyones key agenda in business. Businesses create too much waste and its down to the individual companies to reduce there impact on the environment. We don’t use any plastics. All items are either recyclable, reusable or compostable. We only work with GOTS Certified ensuring no harmful chemicals are pumped into our lands or water wasted.

What are you NOT doing in your business but want to improve on?

We would like to look into leasing as babies outgrow clothes so quickly sometimes it feels a waste with the amount of clothes you can accumulate.

This is a business model we are looking into, but if you have any advice we would love to hear!

What is the link to your page on sustainability on your website?

What awards and accreditation do you have?

We are GOTS accredited.

In 10 years from now where would you like to see the fashion world?

We would like to see the shift to organics and no single use pastil or no plastics at all. We would like to see a shift away from fast fashion and a move towards sustainable, long lasting garments.

We would like to see the organics industry become more affordable but that can only happen through increase usage.

On personal/consumer note we would like to see more reusable products and refillable areas and shops to reduce waste in the beauty industry.

Do you have any favourite ethical and sustainable quotes, or any key influencers that inspire you?

mini rodini are a huge inspiration to us as are frugi.

Why should the general public care about supporting ethical and environmentally responsible brands?

Because it’s their planet too. If they became aware of the conditions ‘conventional’ cotton/industries function in then I think consumers would demand change for the workers.

And if they were aware of impacts on environment they would want to see change.

Interviewed by: Roberta Lee
Interviewee: Aviv and Lisa
Brand name: Talula Little
Check out their EBD listing here

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