Zebedee Talent Agency X EBD Show The Love Shoot

New Model Agency Zebedee teamed up with EBD to Show The Love on January 11th 2024 for a photo shoot that explored the evolving concept of luxury in fashion. We looked at how sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity, emphasising the role they play in reshaping fashion. “Show The Love” has become the new manifesto for the Ethical Brand Directory, where empathy and understanding are fundamental for a more inclusive and ethical fashion future. 

Find a full list of credits, brands, models and the creatives involved below.

Behind the scenes with Zebedee X Ethical Brand Directory

Zebedee X EBD Collaboration: Show The Love

Roberta Lee Styles a Zebedee Model who wears a red dress and gold necklace

See below for a full list of outfits, models and the creatives involved, as well as a short about section – why we did the shoot together, and some quotes from the creative team about their experience on set. Please Show The Love for our work and all those who contributed by crediting us when you repost and share our content by using this link: https://ethicalbranddirectory.com/zebedee-talent-agency-x-ebd-show-the-love-photoshoot/

Roberta Lee Styles a Zebedee Model who wears a red dress and pink evening dress.

Zebedee X EBD Photoshoot Credits

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THE Creative Team


Zebedee Models featured in the Show the Love shoot  

  • Beth M  (wearing The Reclaimery and Loft & Daughter Jewellery)
  • Savannah P (wearing Sanyukta Shrestha)
  • Emma T (wearing Sanyukta Shrestha, Loft & Daughter Jewellery and Jia De Lara footwear)
  • Rae B (wearing Haus Dhalia and Loft & Daughter Jewellery)
  • Elainea E (wearing Sylvia Piechulla, Loft & Daughter Jewellery and Jia De Lara footwear)


Ethical Brand Directory Brands featured in the Show The Love shoot:

For more information about our Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) brands and their mission to change the fashion industry, please visit their EBD profiles directly. 

behind the scenes

Behind The Scenes Team

Professional Video Capture: Giulia Agazzi
Shoot To Kill Studios https://www.shoottokillstudios.com/ 

Show The Love BTS Film Credits 

This film was produced by Shoot To Kill Studios for Ethical Brand Directory’s show The Love photoshoot in collaboration with Zebedee Talent Agency,  January 11th 2024 

Styling: Roberta Lee https://robertastylelee.co.uk/commercial-styling/

Photography: Natalia Ruszczuk https://www.nataliaruszczuk.com/ 

Hair & Makeup: Viorela Coman  https://www.viorelacoman.co.uk/ 

BTS Video Capture: Shoot To Kill https://www.shoottokillstudios.com/ 

Modelling Agency: Zebedee Talent (UK) https://www.zebedeetalent.com/ 

Clothing & Accessories: Via Ethical Brand Directory https://ethicalbranddirectory.com

EBD Volunteers:

  • Sylvia Piechulla
  • Lydia Mills 

A special thanks to Lydia and Silvia who worked especially hard to support the logistics and creatives at work during the shoot, as well as taking care of the Zededee models. Thank you for being all-around superstar volunteers! 


Zebedee Talent Agency X Ethical Brand Directory (EBD)

Roberta and Zoe Proctor one of the co-founders of Zebedee talent agency were keen to collaborate after working together on the upcoming Channel 4 documentary. Both felt the synergies of sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity, and how these are powerful drivers in reshaping the fashion industry.

Inclusivity in fashion is no longer a buzzword, it’s an emerging trend that we feel is long overdue. Zebedee is the world’s leading inclusive talent agency, changing the way disability, visible difference, and gender are represented in fashion and wider media.

Ethical Brand Directory has been championing independent, beautiful ethical and sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands from the UK and beyond since 2017, challenging the concept of consumerism, encouraging us all to become more active citizens and take ‘conscious consumerism’ from a niche to a norm.

Collaborating and bringing together Zebedee’s mission and Ethical Brand Directory’s mission felt aligned – and incredibly powerful!


Laura Winson & Zoe Proctor, Founders of Zebedee Talent: “Disability is often left out of the diversity debate; we often receive briefs looking for ‘diversity’, but with no mention of disability, alternative appearances, or trans/non-binary – and we want to change this. We want it to be the norm that REAL diverse media becomes commonplace.”

Working with Zebedee Talent Agency

Roberta Lee: “We thoroughly enjoyed the process, conceptualising the shoot, showcasing the gorgeous fashion pieces available from our ethical brands and showcasing them on the beautiful models from Zebedee Talent Agency, who I must say are always so professional and polite. It’s always a joy to work with the Zebedee family!”

Viorela Coman “I loved being on the shoot, so much fun on set with such an amazing and caring team! I hope I will get the opportunity to work with Zebedee and Roberta again soon. We had an excellent experience working together for the Show The Love shoot! Both Zebedee and Ethical Brand Directory are doing great things for the fashion industry!!”


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