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Ethical, sustainable athleisure-wear, carefully produced marrying style and the softest, sustainable jersey fabrics to create fashion that makes a different. Inspired by a shared love of yoga, great design and wellbeing, Starseeds shows that it is possible to look good and be mindful, without compromising on your sense of style and ethical standards – not one little bit.
We believe that every conscious choice matters, and that going organic and natural needn’t stop at what we put into our bodies. Words alone won’t change the world but everything we stand for is summed up in just four: ‘the lightness of being’. It’s our everyday mantra, encouraging us to enjoy the moment and feel good with every choice we make, while always thinking about the legacy we’ll leave for the future.

Having worked with several well known designers before I always saw my role as a trendsetter. However, this used to stem from my ego: the idea of becoming a great designer. Since yoga came into my life, and Starseeds was the real outcome of the developing transition, my role has shifted into a mission to spread awareness of ethical fashion and sustainable production. I am passionate about progressive sustainable solutions and the impact that we have on one another and our environment.

Ethical fashion to me is mindful and conscious use of sustainable materials and innovative technologies. It is about being progressive and smart as a designer and respecting environment and people who work within the industry.


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We use GOTS and OEKO-TEX fabrics, but we haven't yet applied for certification

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