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Simply Nature Bio Goods

Brand Description & Mission Statement:

Simply Nature Bio Goods is a company inspired by nature. Sustainable fashion is what we strive for. We love our planet Earth and are fascinated with the beauty and diversity of nature; for us beauty and nature go together and thrive on basic concepts like health and sustainability. This is why healthy ecosystems are beautiful. However, when the man's influence causes an unhealthy, unsustainable ecosystem, nature's beauty is affected. We see in the creation of biojewels a medium to awaken a higher level of connection to our planet, thru the fashionable interests of people and their passion for nature. All of our collections are made with plants and fruits that bring an added value to humans. In addition to their natural beauty, our selected plants have medicinal uses, great culinary qualities, nutritional benefits or spiritual properties. We have chosen them because they are special and should be more recognized and appreciated by the public than they currently are; by making them into stunning biojewels these plants get the attention and value they rightfully deserve. It is our mission to bring our customers a green message thru our products at the same time as spoiling their fashionable guilty pleasures.


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Certifications, Memberships, Rankings & Awards:
Our production process is certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources).

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