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Óisín (pronounced Ush-een) is a UK clothing brand aiming to provide ethics and sustainability through a creative and minimalistic aesthetic. The brand takes inspiration from a range of design disciplines such as architecture, photography, art and more, with a focus on proportion and geometry. Óisín works on the idea that both ethics and design are essential components for each piece of clothing - balancing both are intrinsic to the final outcome.

Change will be greater when ethical and sustainable fashion inspires people more than standard fashion does.


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The tops are sewn together in a home, located up in the north of Portugal, with the fabric constructed just down the road. Before I agreed to getting the t-shirts made, I went to both locations on a surprise visit to accurately check that the conditions were safe with no one being exploited in the process. Lastly, the organic cotton itself is sourced from Turkey, where the GOTS certification proves that a wide array of social criteria is met.

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GOTS certifies that the cotton yarn that makes up the top is a minimum of 95% organic

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