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Linda Thomas Eco Design makes luxury upcycled clothing in Bristol, UK. Linda Thomas is the founder, designer and creator of each unique piece of clothing. Each garment is hand crafted using upcycled materials such as silk, linen, cashmere and merino always with a love of People and Planet. There is an emphasis on colour, movement and shape with her garments often featuring Nuno felted details such as collars or trains. Sustainability and ethics are at the heart of what she does and even the stitching is in organic cotton or vintage threads.

Her designs are sold in a couple of Bristol Boutiques, with the majority of her clients making direct contact to commission a piece whether a wool jacket, summer dress, ballgown or a completely bespoke Wedding gown.

Her prices vary according to the work involved and range from under £100 to several thousand pounds accordingly.
Uniqueness is something to be celebrated and Linda delights in designing around specific requirements of size, shape or adaptations needed due to disabilities or post surgery etc.

Linda Thomas Eco Design Lily in Cape Linda Thomas Eco Design Pale Blue Linda Thomas Eco Design Rebecca Linda Thomas Eco Design Square Lily in Red Linda Thomas Eco Design Ballet


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In 2016 I recevied Janey Lee Grace's Platinum Award (Silver) for my Eco Fire Dress.

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