Brand Description & Mission Statement:

Korβáta is a conscious Guatemalan brand that creates unique patterns and sells high-quality fashion accessories for men promoting Mayan textiles made by artisans in various indigenous communities.

Korβáta mission is to improve the environment that promotes community development through the creation of sustainable sources of income, empowerment and recognition to the various expressions of the Mayan and Guatemalan culture, and supporting the global industry of high quality ethical fashion products. We designed mens accessories : ties, bowties, wallets, suspenders, pocket squares.

Korβáta builds the bridge to connect artisans to consumers, by creating unique products with Guatemalan design and textiles, securing sustainable livelihoods for artisans by providing them fair wages and growth opportunities to lift them out of poverty through secure monthly income. Our social impact is by creating sustainable sources of income for vulnerable artisans in rural communities.


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Ethical Fashion Forum, Fashion Revolution, Project Just.com

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