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Ethiqana is a platform for ethically sourced products gifts, toys and games, greeting cards, jewellery, home & living items that not only provide sustainable livelihoods to artisans but also promote eco-friendly living.

Their products are carefully selected to highlight the talent and skills that preserve these timeless and earth-friendly crafts. Ethiqana's heart beats for all that is sourced ethically, is sustainable & feels logical.

Ethiqana want to bring to the mainstream, handmade products that are skilfully brought to life by their talented artisans, most of whom work with traditional techniques that have been passed on from one generation to the next. To preserve these timeless, earth friendly crafts and eco-friendly products, economic empowerment is the key.

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Ethiqana’s essence lies in these guiding principles

1. Ensure that products are sourced ethically following Fair Trade values
2. Support economic empowerment, especially of women, by facilitating sustainable livelihoods
3. Promote easy eco-friendly living for a sustainable lifestyle with sustainable products

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Certified social enterprise – one of more than 70,000 social enterprises across Britain tackling social and environmental problems

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