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Ecosophy creates textiles for the home that are thoughtfully designed and sustainably made. They take a mindful approach to production and trace all stages of our supply chain, so they can tell each product's story from seed to stitch.

Ecosophy believe good design is rooted in connection - to materials, their provenance and the people who make them. By designing products that celebrate these connections, they hope to show how textiles can create beautiful homes and a more beautiful world.

Ethical Brand Directory - Ecosphy Ethical Homeware, organic towels Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_Cushion-Covers Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_Organic Tea-Towels, sustainable home furnishings, Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_Organic Cotton Bedding Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_Organic Table-Linen, Table cloth Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_ Organic Table-Linen Ethical-Brand-Directory_Product_Listing_-Ecosphy_Blankets Sustainable Homeware


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Ecosophy's policy is to trace their entire supply chain and to visit as many of its actors as possible.

This means they visit the farms that have grown the fibre, as well as the weavers of the fabric and the dyers who have coloured it. This traceability is what really sets Ecosophy apart from many other brands in this space. Where possible, they work with small-scale artisanal groups, most of whom use natural dyes. These groups' production processes are highly sustainable and provide an important source of rural livelihoods.

Not all of the fabrics used are certified because they have been spun and woven by hand (only machine-made fabrics can be certified). Kate the founder personally visits the farms, dyers and weavers that make Ecosophy's fabrics. These visits are also not a guarantee, but they do reveal a lot about working conditions and environmental conditions. Details of these visits are on the Ecosphy website.


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Most of the fabrics used are certified organic

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