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Brand Description & Mission Statement:

Combining British design, Filipino craftsmanship & social responsibility. Clare is a British designer currently based in Manila in the Philippines, she is committed to supporting local artisans and
creating sustainable livings for them and their communities through craftsmanship.

The story of this collection started approximately 18 months ago when Clare first connected with an under-privileged community of female artisans in Palanog, Tacloban – the city associated with the 2013 Typhoon Yolanda natural disaster. She began by teaching the Tacloban women her own jewellery making skills, and now Clare is able to provide them with work and an alternative way of earning an income without having to leave their homes and families.

The concept of sustainable craftsmanship also runs through to the brand’s choice of materials. Clare is excited to incorporate Piñatex (a natural, innovative new ethical material made from pineapple leaf fibres) as well as traditional hand woven Filipino textiles T’nalak and Inabel in to the collection. Every piece in this collection has a story, they are ethically made to combine contemporary luxury design with traditional
craftsmanship and social responsibility.


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Our Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information:

Pinya pouches, Pinya clutch bag and Anya bags are all handmade by three women in a small workshop in Davao, Philippines. The Inabel fabric used in the Pinya pouch & clutches is handwoven by a 74-year-old Corazon Agosto, a skilled artisan from Ilocos, Philippines. The Piñatex (vegan alternative to leather) used in these pieces is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. The leaves are the by product of existing agriculture, and their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities in the Philippines.

The chain handles of the Anya bags are hand woven by a group of female artisans from Tacloban, Philippines. Clare teaches them different hand crafting techniques and these stay at home mothers are able to create and work from home, earning a sustainable income without having to leave their families.

The Meghan clutch bags are made from T’nalak fabric which is an indigenous fabric handwoven by the T’boli people of lake Sebu, Mindanao, Philippines. This culturally rich community has a unique language and traditions. T’nalak weaving is a way of life for most of the T’boli women, handed down from generation to generation. This type of craftsmanship has given the T’boli women economic freedom and a sustainable source of income.

The Natalie bag is also made with the T'nalak fabric with a traditional Filipino Solihiya weave hand-crafted on top. The large brass clasps on this clutch bad and the Meghan bag are also hand-crafted in Mindanao, by a husband and wife team. And both these bags are assembled in a small workshop in Mindanao.

All the chains and finding used in the bags and my jewellery are sourced from my supplier Albert Gao in Shanghai, China. Claire was able to meet with Albert regularly when she lived in China , and has worked with him for the last 6+ years. She sources some other supplies for her jewellery from South Korea and the wooden beads are sourced from Cebu, Philippines.


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