Anything But Plastic

Brand Description & Mission Statement:

Anything But Plastic sells alternatives to plastic products in order to reduce everyday plastic consumption and help tackle plastic pollution. As well as trying to provide plastic free alternatives, this shop wants customers to make informed purchases and promote sustainable buying practices.

Anything But Plastic’s aim is to bring together as many as possible of the individual brands and companies that produce plastic free alternative products and provide a platform of convenience for the average consumer to purchase these goods. Cutting down on plastic should not have to be hard, inconvenient or time consuming. ABP hopes to get rid of these obstacles, encouraging plastic free living in the UK.


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Our Sourcing & Supplier Transparency Information:

Anything But Plastic wants to encourage people to think more about the life cycle of the products they buy, in order to improve environmentally friendly and sustainable buying practices. If you are an active and knowledgeable customer you can make fair and sustainable choices. Each product page has a number of sections which provide detailed information on the product, including describing the materials, to encourage a transparent supply chain. Transparency means consumers can make a fully informed choice about their purchases. This will help guide buyers as to the origins of their purchases and the impact their buying choices make on the planet.

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