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Ally Bee Knitwear

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ALLY BEE is a contemporary luxury knitwear brand working exclusively with sustainably sourced natural fibre yarns. At Ally Bee sustainability means producing collections to a set of environmental standards that far exceed mere compliance with current local and international environmental regulation. It means a ‘cradle to cradle’ commitment to fashion making – seeking out natural fibre cashmere, alpaca and wool yarns produced to high standards of land management and animal welfare, the cleanest achievable processing and dying, and end-of-life biodegradability.

Ethical Brand Directory - Ally Bee Knitwear


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Phone Number: +44(0)2088764778

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Ally Bee produces a low impact bespoke-spun alpaca yarn made in Dorset from the fibre of flocks kept on smallholdings across England. 'Fairwool' cashmere merino yarn in the collection is Cradle to Cradle certified and traceable to a Mongolian herd kept to high standards of animal welfare and land management, and Congi farm in Australia. Superfine Merino in the collection is traceable to Gostwyck organise farm in Australia. All knits are made in small UK factories or hand-knitted by a B-Corporation registered studio in India.

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Member of Ethical Fashion Forum

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