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Inspired by those searching for the perfect pair of undergarments Agata wants to help you to take on the day.

Choose from a selection of beautiful robes, underwear and vests to help you feel comfortable on a flight, unwinding at yoga, running errands or even during pillow fights. Consciously made and crafted you will appreciate the quality of the fabric and timeless design of Agatinia®.

Since production is located in Poland, Agatinia® are able to work hands-on with luxurious fabrics on a daily basis. Most importantly they meticulously select natural materials which feel like a second skin. The founder Agata Wolejko studied textiles and design in Philadelphia and New York City, after gaining experience in various parts of the industry—from New York to Paris, London to Warsaw—she decided to create a line which adapts to a globetrotting lifestyle.

As a result of the search of the softest and most comfortable materials Agata created Agatinia®.


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Everything is produced using local resources. Agatinia® likes to know the people who make the garments. When the brand was first created the intention was to support local craftswomen in Europe, and more importantly—Poland. Agatinia works with local manufacturers to make the materials. Then, in a city about an hour and a half away, the products are hand sewn by local women. Every detail is hand done. From the cutting, sewing, ironing and packing into the envelopes.

Agatinia® manufactures entirely in the European Union—from thread to product.
Items are all Eko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, Product Class 1, No. SXX 22822.

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Agatinia® products fully comply with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

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