10 new ethical brands for your radar

We’ve had a surge of new independent ethical brands join us, so we wanted to take a few moments to introduce 10-new ethical brands for your radar.

We’ve got ethical fashion for women, upcycled styles for men and women, ethical weighted blankets for the home, beautiful ethically produced sleepwear designed to give you the best night sleep and ethical gift boxes for any occasion.

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Menswear & Womenswear

Ethical Brand Directory - Oisin Ethical fashion For Men

Óisín (pronounced Ush-een) is a UK clothing brand aiming to provide ethics and sustainability through a creative and minimalistic aesthetic. The brand takes inspiration from a range of design disciplines such as architecture, photography, art and more, with a focus on proportion and geometry. Óisín works on the idea that both ethics and design are essential components for each piece of clothing – balancing both are intrinsic to the final outcome.

They currently have a small selection of unisex simple striped T-shirts which we love.

Ånyo is Swedish for ‘renew’ or ‘again’, and taps into the philosophy of recycling and reusing something old to create something new without harming nature or society. They create unique up-cycled fashion pieces that will make you stand out in the crowd while representing ethical thinking. By reusing textiles and fashion pieces, they want to recreate the story of a garment while contributing to a circular economy closing loops in the lives of fashion objects.

We love their vibrant denim jackets – perfect for summer and festival season.


KiriVOO- Ethical fashion For Women

KiRiVOO is an exclusive and high-quality slow fashion designer wear label for modern, thoughtful and strong women. They use certified sustainable fabrics, and designs and manufacturing is done with consideration to the environmental and social impact. All garments are lovingly handmade by professional seamstresses in Estonia.

They don’t run end of season sale campaigns and produce on demand in order to reduce waste. KV offers affordable high-quality womenswear in an efficient yet personalised way.

We love the elegance and femininity of the pieces, designed to empower women to look good and do good at the same time.

Ethical_Brand-Directory_The Morph Bag by GSK VeganLeather Luxury Handbags

The Morphbag by GSK consists of 3 handbags that includes of 1 reversible tote, 1 crossbody/shoulder bag and 1 clutch/wallet to take the conscious and busy fashionista from day to night, from work to leisure as well as travel.

The brand was born with the goal in mind to break the misconception that quality and style are compromised in sustainable/ethical leather goods.

We love the simplicity of these bags, and that they are suitable for women of any age.

Ethical Brand Directory - Leticia Credidio - Ethical Nightwear

Leticia Credidio is on a mission to unleash the power of sleep, the essential ingredient for a life better-lived. Her sustainable sleepwear and loungewear has been designed in East London and crafted with care in Italy so that you can sleep beautifully and wake boldly.

The collection makes staying at home and lounging around a lot more fun. We love the idea of dressing up to stay in. The lounge coat is such a great concept.

Clare Hynes is a British designer who has spent time in Manila in the Philippines, she is committed to supporting local artisans and creating sustainable livings for them and their communities through craftsmanship. Combining British design, Filipino craftsmanship.

Every piece in this collection has a story, they are ethically made to combine contemporary luxury design with traditional craftsmanship and social responsibility.

We love the vibrancy and sense of fun that comes with each piece – when you wear a Clare Hynes design you can’t help but feel the love and happiness that went into making it.

mi apparel - ethical boutique

mi apparel is an online shop which sells ethical, sustainable, transparent fashion & lifestyle brands through womenswear accessories, clothing & beauty. Each product is chosen to bring joy to your life and make you feel good about yourself.

We love the variety of products available through mi apparel, making it easy to do a big stylish shop in one go.


Ethical Brand Directory - Weighted Blankets

Baloo’s mission is to inspire and support self-healing for all people. They do this with their signature product, a weighted blanket, which provides relief for those suffering with anxiety or insomnia.

It works through Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) which signals to the nervous system that it’s safe. The experience of the mind-body connection this provides is profound, and in this state, one can access greater feelings of peace and well-being.

We love the fact that these blankets have been made using textiles certified by the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard, and that they use lead-free glass microbeads.


Ethical Brand Directory - Baby Clothes - Talulah Little

Talula Little is a small family ran, UK based business that sells ethically and sustainably sourced baby and toddler clothing. All of our products are 100% GOTS Certified meaning they only use the softest and purest Organic Cotton and no harmful chemicals are allowed anywhere near! They promote Yoga through fashion and all of their clothes are Vegan friendly.

They are fully transparent and their fair-trade, GOTS Certification is very important to them. Tallula Little clothes are perfect for soft delicate skin.

We love how bright and fun their kids clothing is – soft, functional and perfect for mini yogis.


Ethical Gift Boxes - Ethical Brand Directory

Ethical Gift Box has made finding the right gift for someone special a joy. But finding a gift that is ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and also utterly unique, well that’s even better! 

Each item sourced for their boxes are crafted using techniques and designs that have been passed down from generation to generation, the income each artisan receives helps to support their own family and keep their ancestral traditions alive.

We love how easy it is to find and send a gift to someone special without needing to compromise on your own (or their) values. Gifting made easy peasy.

We are delighted to welcome these wonderful brands to our Ethical Brand Directory family. Let us know which one you like the look of most and why in the comments.

If you have any other recommendations for independent ethical brands to join us, let Roberta our founder know by dropping her a note here.

Head over to https://ethicalbranddirectory.com to check out all of our brands and


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